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Strategic Business Steering Committee for Projects


Given the lengthy nature of a business project, there is always a need to find the best way of ensuring the project is undertaken in the most systematic way with no or rather less errors. Therefore, this paper has laid out some of the important issues that should be kept in mind whenever an appropriate chart is to be used to provide an explicit picture of the project. For instance, in everything that is to be undertaken, time is of great significance. In this paper, it vividly explains the importance of adopting an effective chart that ensures that each task is undertaken systematically and efficiently. More concretely, it outlines the need and rational reasons why a chart that demonstrates the required resources is needed.

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A strategic business steering committee is an important advisory group whose main objective is to lay and make directional decisions on different organizational projects. The comprising members support project leaders working towards attaining the organization’s strategic decisions (Williamson & Scholefield, 2021). Besides, they act as advocates for initiatives as well as projects across the broader organization. The committee also provides insights on issues related to budget, marketing, and hiring. When there is a need to present an analyzed conclusion regarding the organization to the steering committee, one must determine an effective chart for the investigated project. A project management chart is a visual representation of all procedures, tasks, and processes that are to be performed or are anticipated to be performed in the future (Williamson & Scholefield, 2021). This paper will look at critical aspects of determining the correct chart with respect to the analyzed project.

Aspects of Determining the Correct Chart for the Project

To determine the correct chart, one must understand the whole project regarding what it entails and what is needed—for instance, the number of resources required and the time for each allocation. A good chart must be adopted to avoid unnecessary failures that might arise in due process. The Gantt chart is recommended in this scenario since it provides for a clear correlation between one task and another (task dependency). It explicitly outlines those tasks that should be completed first to provide room for subsequent studies to be conducted.

Moreover, task duration is a critical way to determine the exemplary chart whenever there is a need to analyze the project. Therefore, a good chart should explicitly define the specific amount of time required for some tasks to be completed (Williamson & Scholefield, 2021). This helps ensure that the time awarded is appropriate for a specific job and that the resources are not overworked. Moreover, the exemplary chart should consider the start and the end of each task, such that there is ample information in terms of when each task should begin and when it will be completed. In addition, it is of great significance since it ensures that all functions are performed in an appropriate line-up and that are no bottlenecks.

Correspondingly, an appropriate chat should entail a list of all the assignees who are meant to perform each part of the project development process. Through the adoption of this, it establishes a strategy that is impeccable (Williamson & Scholefield, 2021). Besides, a chart that will help in accurately presenting the date should be based. Here, it involves a chart that shows all of the relative numbers of multiple categories regarding the project development process. It should therefore outline the distinction of data in terms of frequency distribution. In addition, risks in any organization are sometimes inevitable to occur; therefore, an efficient chart should be able to take into consideration potential risks that may arise and befall the project and its development process.


Therefore, a chart that can put this into practice should be employed. Moreover, a proper chart should entail a stakeholder analysis matrix, which visualizes all of the involved stakeholders and their associated tasks in the project and the development process (Williamson & Scholefield, 2021). Despite this, it is of great significance as it helps pinpoint negative stakeholders and the dangers they may have inflicted on the project development. Generally, a chart should identify the interests of all the stakeholders involved and provide a rational solution to whatever issue it causes to the project.


Williamson, G., & Scholefield, C. (2021). Introduction to project management for IAM Projects (v2). IDPro Body of Knowledge, 1(5). Web.

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