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Teamwork Performance and Effective Collaboration

Diverse and large teams of professions and specialists are significant when handling a significant and critical initiative such as acquiring the IT of big companies and states. These teams are convened to provide an urgent solution or come up with a solution. My review of both ‘Case study material and the effective collaboration video’ tries to ascertain the collaboration skill that can lead to the group’s progress. Essential collaboration skills include engaging in a purposeful conversation, appreciation, creative in solving conflicts productively, and plan management. Team adaptation to both of those skills ensures higher performance (Sheikh, 2021).

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The concept in the coursebook is that successful teams rely on the effective collaboration of groups. Some behavioral characters are changed upon training to adapt the required skills for teamwork. The skills are acquired through behavior modeling. For instance, some employees can observe their seniors for a day and mimic their behavior. Likewise, the perceived behavior of the senior employees is crucial when determining the kind of cooperation the team will be.

Bruce Tuckman devised five stages of development that one can employ to grow and show high performance. Tuckman identified the stages as follows; the forming stage referrer to the introduction and orientation to the working team. The storming stage is a period associated with high competition and conflicts because of the emerging personalities. Norming stage is when conflicts are resolved, and the team tries to get its union (Davies & Heathcote, 2022). The performing stage signifies well-established cooperation and a mature team that is well organized and functioning. Finally, the adjourning stage implies that the goal team is accomplished, and more emphasis is directed towards finalizing documentation and results.

The hoarding behavior is regarded by professionals, doctors, and psychologists as a mental problem. Therefore, the involvement of the group members in social work enables self-assessment and evaluation of practical collaboration skills (Zastrow & Hessenauer, 2019). The therapist ensures effective communication with the client to understand the illness. This event ends with a client critique by a group of social professionals who unite to solve the problem. In summary, effective collaboration is an essential tool in the performance of teamwork.


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