Stress-Reducing Measures and Activities


As Linda (2008, pp. 3-8) argues, regardless of how an individual’s life may be comfortable, stress is inevitable in every individual’s life. Therefore, to reduce the negative effects that are associated with stress, every individual must try to identify any stress reducing activities, it is one of the primary remedies for dealing with stress. As she further adds, although most individuals have the power to control stress, most individuals fail to do so, as most people fail to recognize that stress is in the mind. Besides, dealing with stress for most individuals can be a daunting task, because, most stressors are activities that individuals cannot avoid, for example, work and family responsibilities. Although this is the case, to remain healthy and reduce any stress-associated negative effects, individuals should engage themselves in stress-reducing activities, so long such activities work and fit in their work schedules Segal, Melinda, Robinson, Saisan & Segal, 2011, p.1). Personally, depending on the prevailing stressing condition, I have three main stress-relieving activities, which have become an integral part of my daily life any time I am faced with stress. These activities include exercising, meditating, and self-hypnosis.

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Stress Relieving Activities

I believe managing stress involves taking control of personal emotions, thoughts, responsibilities, and problems. To control my daily stress, I have integrated exercise as an integral part of my daily life. Every day, I have to take at least two hours to exercise and release tension through jogging and attending the gym. Exercise helps me to relax, as it acts as a distraction from stressful situations. Besides, through exercising, I can convert most unhealthy emotions into motivation, as it acts as an outlet for frustrations. On the other hand, sometimes to avoid stress, I occasionally participate in yoga lessons during weekends.

Going hand in hand with exercising is meditation. I have learned to appreciate the significance of meditation very much, because of its ability to reduce anxiety and physical problems such as headaches. In addition to this, meditation also helps me to calm down and deal with unavoidable stressful situations. I always meditate any time I am free or during my breaks from work, as this offers me a chance of freeing my mind from any disturbing issues and focus on the present; hence, relax the mind and set it free from any worries. On the other hand, through meditating, I can increase my level of consciousness and develop positive emotions and thoughts. I normally combine meditation with self-hypnosis or do the two concurrently, as both of these involve making the mind go into a stupor, peaceful, but focused state.


In conclusion, although stress is unavoidable, it is something individuals can control through adopting required stress-reducing measures. Individuals can reduce stress by involving themselves in activities such as meditation, self-hypnosis, regular exercises, yoga, and guided imagery.

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