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Survival of Minority Ethnic Groups in Globalization

Globalization signifies escalating global connectivity, incorporation, and interdependence in the economic, cultural, technological, social, ecological, and political orbs. Globalization has an assortment of characteristics, which influence the world in numerous dissimilar ways. The various forms of Globalization are as such, Industrial Globalization, pseudonym Trans-nationalization is surfacing of worldwide manufacture markets and wider access to an assortment of merchandise for consumers and companies. However, it appeared that the result of this process would be a world with one culture, and elements like cultural pride, sovereignty, individuality would fail to exist in the long run. The derivation of this conclusion was deciphered with the help of socio-political instrumentation and economic influences that directly affect/affect the rise and fall of culture. Thus, even if a cultural minority can gain independence or sustain independence over a long period of time, economic sustainability would not allow it t maintain its sovereignty as a culture. As a result, in the long run, minority communities based on ethical culture would cease to exist.

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Cultural Globalization is an intensification of cross-cultural relations, initiation of fresh categories of perceptions and distinctiveness such as Globalism, which exemplify cultural conduction, the craving to get through and have the benefit of foreign commodities and ideas, take on innovative technology and practices, and play a part in world culture. Ecological Globalization refers to the beginning of global ecological defies that can not be worked out devoid of international collaboration, for instance, climate alterations, cross-boundary water, and air contaminations, excessive fishing of the ocean, and the multiplicity of invasive species. Social Globalization is the term for the accomplishment of gratis flow by people of all countries.

Furthermore, Globalization generally refers to greater international cultural exchange, dissemination of multiculturalism, and enhanced individual access to cultural diversity, for instance through the export of Bollywood and Hollywood cinemas. On the other hand, the brought-in culture can effortlessly step into the shoes of the local culture, causing a diminution in assortment through hybridization or even incorporation.

The largely outstanding form of this is Westernization, but Sinicization of cultures has occurred over most parts of Asia for several centuries. Augmented intercontinental travel and tourism, greater than before immigration despite the fact that it may also pave the way for illegitimate immigrations, dispersal of local consumer merchandise such as food products to other countries over and over again making them acquainted to their culture, wide-reaching fashion and pop culture such as Pokémon, Origami, Idol series, etc, global sporting events, for instance, FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games, configuration or growth of a set of universal standards, etc are the contributions of Globalization.

Thus, it could narrate the aspect of the basic issue of globalization and hybridization as but a two-way approach. There the basic maxims of a capitalistic economy are taken into consideration at every step of formulating the strategies of marketing. It is obvious that the basic impetus of any business is to deal with the principles of profit and the methods of maximization of profit margin. In this context of a market-induced economy that the issues of globalization and hybridization should have been considered by people who want independence as a cultural and ethnic minority. A cultural or ethnic minority may gain independence in today’s world but would never be able to sustain the values and norms that were the main instigators of attaining independence in the first place.

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