69 Globalization Essay Topics

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  1. The Impact of Globalization
    Discussing globalization objectively in its entirety is a challenging endeavor, since it touches upon almost every aspect of the modern world, and its influences differ from one region to the other.
  2. Impact of Globalization on Norms and Experiences around Gender
    Inequality is one of the most prolonged global debates that have refused to go away despite the great strides made through globalization
  3. Globalization and Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
    Cultural diversity should be incorporated into the company’s policies combined with teaching workers this fundamental issue in the business environment.
  4. Globalization and Citizenship in EU
    The strategies and goals of integration are developed by the EU Committees but they do not reflect goals and needs of the nation-stats.
  5. Globalization Impacts on the United Nations Institution
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the political, cultural, and economic impacts of globalization in the United Nations Institution.
  6. Singapore Globalization: Criterias and Ranks
    Singapore is the most globalized country in the world in 2009. It is open to trade; has capital and labor movements, cultural integration; exchanges technology and ideas.
  7. The Advantages of Globalization
    Globalization is the process of growth and interconnection of world economies and cultures, which are aided by transport and trade.
  8. Globalization Advantages
    This paper focuses on globalization. Drivers of the globalization agenda are multinationals corporations, international financial markets, and transnational agencies.
  9. Child Labor Role in Westernization and Globalization
    Child labor is one of the many ways in which monetization of necessities due to globalization has led to an obsession with money and disregard for human rights in different parts of the world.
  10. Modern Imperialism and Economic Globalization
    This paper discusses how does the study of modern imperialism help us to understand why some former colonies fear economic globalization today.
  11. Globalization Essence by M. Steger and N. Bisley
    Globalization: A very short introduction by Manfred Steger and Rethinking globalization by Nick Bisley define the necessity to treat the globalization and consider its complexity.
  12. The Globalization Index and Singapore as the Leading State
    This paper discusses the Globalization Index and what challenges the United States or any other developed country would face if it attempted to replace Singapore in the top spot.
  13. The Effect of Globalization in Economic Development
    Globalization has influenced modern life in many ways. Economists support the argument that individual economies are facing growth in respect to the prevailing globalization.
  14. Globalization and Businesses in New Economies
    Globalization helps business thrive in new economies through foreign investments that help them to have commercial rights for increasing the production of goods and services.
  15. Globalization and Its Benefits for the United States
    Held and McGrew define globalization as the integration of aspects such as the economy, religion, culture, social systems, and politics worldwide.
  16. Spiritual Perspectives on Globalization by Ira Rifkin
    Cultural element of globalization describes regional side and national cultural peculiarities which are seen by the world society.
  17. The Impact of Globalization on Immigration Control
    Globalization is one of the key factors that influence immigration. The effects are extensive to the extent of complicating the efforts of controlling immigration.
  18. Globalization Impact on Sustainable Agriculture
    The emphasis on globalization has continued to undermine the pursuit of sustainable agriculture due to the many environmental, social, and economic consequences.
  19. Globalization’ Positive and Negative Effects
    Globalization is often characterized by the usage of improved technology, increased movement of people and development of non-governmental and multinational organizations.
  20. Globalization and the Social Interest of Workers
    The paper sets out to demonstrate that globalization is not in the social interest of low-wage workers in developing nations and factory workers in the developed countries.

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  1. The Pitfalls of Globalization
    The current pace of the globalization process seems to have been in decline for several years due to the misconception about the stage that it has supposedly reached.
  2. Millenium Development Goals and Globalization
    The major objective of Development Goals is to foster the positive development of the world in the new century, thus making human lives better.
  3. Globalization Impacts on Trade and Employment
    Globalization refers to the integration of the world markets. It facilitates smooth movement of goods and people from one country to another.
  4. Globalization and Cultural Hybridization
    Globalization affects all spheres of human activity starting from education, policy, management, and ending with art, culture, etc.
  5. Globalization Theories in the Business Environment
    The paper elaborates on the neo-classical, Marxist and structuralist perspectives on globalization before closing with the most concurrent theorem out of the three perspectives.
  6. Globalization: Managing Across Cultures
    Managing across culture is a product of globalization, that expatriate from a foreign culture moves to a totally new culture and is required to manage people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  7. Globalization and Cultural Knowledge of China
    China is growing at an unprecedented rate in the history of the world. It stands to cause ripples in the world as its presence in various aspects of the global economy grows.
  8. Identity Politics as a Response to Globalization
    Despite numerous positive outcomes that it promises, the concept of globalization as the basis for multicultural communication and learning is not fully devoid of certain issues.
  9. Impact of Globalization on Gender Norms and Experiences
    The contemporary world is characterized by economic, social, cultural, and political integration of both men and women across all spheres.
  10. Leadership and Globalization in the US and Japan
    Leadership is a social influence in which a person can motivate or influence others and acquire their support in order to work together and accomplish a certain task.
  11. Globalization Impact on Trade and Employment
    One of the notable effects of globalization is heightened trade liberalization and opening up of global labor markets.
  12. Globalization and Democratization Relationship
    This paper explores the existing relationship between democracy and globalization. It focuses on democratization, globalization and their imperativeness.
  13. “The Globalization of Markets” by Theodore Levitt
    In his article “The Globalization of Markets,” Theodore Levitt anticipated the effects of globalization and advancement in technology to international business.
  14. Hard Rock Café: E-Commerce and Globalization
    Hard Rock Café can utilize ICT and e-commerce models by hiring customer care executives working from home and submitting their work loads to the café’s head quarters.
  15. Globalization Effect on Developing Countries’ Business
    The objective of this study is to show how globalization can benefit a particular nation. This objective is implemented by considering a developing economy that is Nigeria.
  16. Globalization Effect on Small and Medium Size Business
    This section will introduce the paper based on the concept that globalization and development of SMEs may not be separated from each other.
  17. Globalization Influence on Product Development
    This essay presents a critical analysis of the marketing strategies as they apply to the international marketing efforts of firms in the context of globalization.
  18. Contemporary Globalization and Its Impact
    As Shakespeare predicted a long time ago, the world is shrinking into a small global scene where everyone has a role to play.
  19. Ethics in Reporting: Globalization and Media
    Ethics in reporting tends to distance itself from the manipulation of the media, which advocates for a well-organized and political dichotomization in media reportage.
  20. Globalization vs. Traditions in Eastern Culture
    Because of the increasing pace of globalization, the cultures of different states mix up, thus, blurring the distinctions between the East and the West.

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  1. Globalization Concept and Its Impact on the State
    Globalization does not make the state redundant. On the contrary, it makes it important for the full exploitation of the opportunities that come as a result of international integration.
  2. Germany’ Sovereignty in the Age of Globalization
    In the modern globalized world, it is quite difficult for a state, even for one of the most powerful ones, to completely preserve its autonomy from the rest of the world.
  3. Globalization and National Security Issues
    International security researchers have taken side of the big debate, with some arguing that globalization has indeed contributed to national and international security.
  4. Globalization and Its Consequences: Economic Crossroads
    Since modern society is moving at a galloping pace towards globalization and world economic integration, it seems most reasonable to reconcile for a moment and consider the economical problems.
  5. Education History and Globalization
    This report analyzes articles on the education revolution, examines its impact on the economy in the country, learning tools, assesses curriculum and other related issues.
  6. Globalization Influences Discussed in TED Talks
    This work analysis the TED video “Navigating Our Global Future” and “Actually, the World isn’t flat” and discusses related issues.
  7. Globalization and Diversity in TEDx Talk Shows
    This paper examines TEDx talk shows that discuss diversity and globalization issues and how globalization can reduce poverty levels in developing economies.
  8. Human Rights, Globalization and Economic Development
    Based on Bryzk’s definition of globalization, it is clear that a globalized world makes it easy to have a free flow of information and ideas across the border.
  9. Air Transportat and Its Benefits for Globalization
    With excellent transportation systems, the world is exposed to better trading in terms of exports and imports of goods and services.
  10. Globalization Impacts on Trade and Employment
    Globalization is the process that refers to the coming together of the international markets. This report examines the impacts of globalization on trade and employment.
  11. Chapters 2 and 9 of “Sociology of Globalization” by Smith
    Chapters 2 and 9 of the book Sociology of Globalization edited by Keri Smith have proven there is nothing accidental about the ongoing “decline of the West.”
  12. Supply Chain Management in Globalization Era
    In the accelerating process of globalization, supply chain management is an integral part of most organizations which is essential to a company’s success.
  13. Globalization’s Role in Improving Women’s Rights
    On the one hand, globalization unites people and makes them follow the same standards or use similar opportunities.
  14. Qualitative Threshold: Globalization and Communication Technologies
    Globalization is a long-term phenomenon involving a gradual change of events. This process has occurred in distinct phases with each having unique characteristics.
  15. American Popular Culture and Globalization Effects
    The ubiquity of wealth-concentrated American popular culture in the lives of modern people threatens the generally accepted system of values and causes adverse shifts in it.
  16. The Globalization of Walmart
    Back in the 1990s, Walmart planned to conquer nations with large populations and growing purchasing power: Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, and China.
  17. “The Globalization of Markets” Book by Levitt
    Levitt predicted a range of trends that would occur in the global market, including the need to appeal to different types of customers.
  18. Market Globalization and Global Marketing Pitfalls
    Customization is fraught with several outcomes that may inhibit the further advancement of a company in the global economy.
  19. Globalization and Health
    A planned urban society has access to safe and clean drinking water with appropriate sanitation and waste removal mechanisms.
  20. Globalization and Knowledge Management
    This paper outlines the knowledge management in the context of globalization and using personal experience with virtual learning.
  21. Globalization and Russian Influence
    This paper aims to review the security reasoning of Russia for the United States and European states concerning globalization.
  22. Moving Away From Globalization: Consequences
    This paper aims to examine whether it is possible to move away from globalization, as well as its security and policy implications.
  23. Geographical Conditions’ Affect of Globalization
    The scholars of the 20th century conceptualized this idea, by creating the North-South divide – a geographic line between the countries that signifies the division on wealthy and emerging nations
  24. Three Areas of Concern for Committee on Globalization
    This report aims to explore the three major problems that are a result of globalization, and that can have a negative impact on the nations in the Global North.
  25. China’s Impact on Globalization and International Security
    This paper aims to use China as a case study to examine the impact of China on globalization and international security.
  26. International Economy. Oakley’s Globalization Theory
    In “International Political Economy,” Thomas Oakley discusses globalization, its drivers, and its effects on various actors in the international scene.
  27. Media Production and Connections in Globalization
    The question of an essay is how to promote films and create content that can be popular among the worldwide audience.
  28. Leadership in the Context of Globalization
    This paper aims to outline the issue of leadership in the context of globalization, conduct a GAP analysis, offer recommendations for developing necessary leadership competencies.
  29. Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility
    The topic chosen for this research is globalization and corporate social responsibility because it is a unique and novel concept for transnational businesses.
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