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Sustainable Business and Environmental Crisis

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Sustainable business is the business that has no negative impact on the society, environment, or economy. This kind of business is sometimes referred to as the green business and is always accompanied by well-stipulated policies to protect the environment and the individuals in the society to ensure that the future generations will continue to benefit from the same business. The sustainable business, therefore, must find ways of ensuring that sustainability is achieved through its business decisions.

This type of business also ensures that it provides to the environment those goods that are friendly and hence campaign to reduce the exposure of the environment to other products and services that are nongreen. It has also to be greener than just the traditional competition and must commit and endure itself to principles of the environment for its business operations and profitability.

Sustainable Business

The origin and history of the development of the concept of sustainability can be traced from the earliest industrial revolutions and civilizations to the present time of modernizations.

The books “Cradle to Cradle” by McDonough-Braungart and “Ecology of Commerce” by Hawken as well as the articles “Ecocentrism” by Leopold and “The Cultural Basis of Out Environmental Crisis” Moncrief help us in understanding the origin and history of the development of sustainability. They recognize the role of early activities in the environment. These works acknowledge the origin of capitalism and the desire for humans to increase profit at the expense of the environment that began earlier.

These books and articles help to explain the sustainable business, and how fire is used, and the wish of man to change certain food has altered the way animals and plants are composed. The large dependant on the environment by the early agrarian is one of the reasons for the continued alteration in the environment.

The writers of these articles and books also help in the study of the origin and history of sustainable business because they argue that sustainable business is an issue that has been with us for a very long time since creation. They argue that human beings have been interfering with the environment since the beginning through their different activities. One of the problems that the writers have noted is that of the attitude and not industrialization, civilization, or any other development. It is true because when we look at the developed countries as well as the developing countries, environmental protection and sustainable business is still a challenge.

These statements are important in understanding the diversity with the problems of sustainable business around the world since creation. What needs to be changed here is, therefore, the attitude towards business operations concerning the environment and not technology. There should be social approbation for the right actions and corresponding disapproval for the wrong actions, respectively, if we have to save the environment.

The ethical use of land and other natural resources has been conflicting right from the beginning of the earlier industrial revolution and civilizations. These books and articles help us to understand why those who existed before misused the land and other resources. In this context, the writers argue that there is no proper understanding of what is ethically and esthetically right and that which is economically right.

This misunderstanding or just ignoring important issues for profit gains began long in the earlier centuries. According to these articles, something is right when it tends to preserve the beauty, integrity, and stability of the immediate objects that it encounters in its immediate environment. This point of the argument is very important in analyzing the acceptable behaviors of the earlier people, whether religious or cultural communities. When we look at their activities from this point of view, we find that the activities of the early people were very destructive to the environment. This helps in understanding the origin of environmental degradations or those activities or operations of the business that were not friendly to the society and the community in general.


These books and articles recognize how the industrial revolution caused a lot of pollution that the people concerned had to control during the industrial revolution to control sickness and other medical complications and some cases death of people. It shows how the problem of sustainable business began a long time and has been a problem to date. The issue of a land ethic, use of other natural resources mainly for capitalism purposes, and profitability at the expense of sustainable society are issues that began during the industrial revolution and have been with us to date.