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Swarovski Company’s Marketing Approach


Companies that want to achieve their business potentials must be innovative and competitive. This approach will make it easier for firms to implement new strategies that can augment their competitive advantages (Rupini & Nandagopal 2015). Innovation supports the business objectives and goals of a company. Swarovski remains one of the leading brands in the glass fashion industry.

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The company produces and markets superior products such as chandeliers, jewelry, crystal elements, and figurines. The company has also been manufacturing a wide range of accessories such as sunglasses, pens, handbags, cardholders, key rings, and smartphone cases (Swarovski 2016). The Crystalline Stardust pen is admired by many customers in different parts of the world because of its superior features. This paper seeks to outline new approaches that can make the pen admirable and successful in the market.

Crystalline Stardust Marketing Approach

Sensory Branding

Swarovski is a successful company that uses various marketing approaches to support the diverse needs of its customers (Swarovski 2016). Most of its accessories have succeeded in the market because of its business strategy. However, new measures are needed in order to place the firm on the right path towards realizing its potentials. The idea of sensory branding has the potential to support the firm’s marketing approach.

Hassain (2014) argues that sensory branding plays a positive role in “awakening the emotional and cognitive responses of the consumer” (p. 49). Human emotions and feelings dictate the decisions made by a potential buyer. That being the case, companies should embrace the power of sensory branding in order to emerge successfully.

Swarovski can use the strategy to market the Crystalline Stardust pen. The use of sensory marketing will strengthen the identity of the targeted pen. A new atmosphere will be created thus making it easier for the customers to develop positive purchasing behaviors. A marketer who focuses on the sensory points of the consumer will create lasting impressions and make the brand successful. The sensory approach has the potential to create a powerful experience that will resonate with the brand (Spence & Gallace 2011). Swarovski’s use of the strategy will create the best experience thus encouraging more people to purchase the superior pen.

Marketing Approach

The concept of sensory branding will be considered in order to ensure the pen competes successfully in the market. In order to achieve this goal, the ink of the pen will be fragranced using high-quality compounds. The approach will support the company’s branding strategy and attract more customers (Swarovski 2016). The ultimate goal of this branding approach is to inform more people about the unique features and attributes of the pen.

The fragrance selected by a person reflects his or her preference. That being the case, the targeted pen should have different fragrances since people portray diverse needs and preferences. The use of different fragrances will support the marketing plan and convince more people to purchase the pen (Spence & Gallace 2011). The strategy will eventually make it possible for the company to realize its business objectives.

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In order to make the pen admirable, several scents will be used to fragrance the ink contained in the pens. The first scent to consider is vanilla. This scent will denote warmth, convenience, and comfort. Individuals who want to feel comfortable and warm will benefit significantly from the vanilla-scented pen. This approach will ensure more people are willing to purchase such pens thus making the company successful. The second scent will be grapefruit.

Many people believe strongly that this kind of scent has the potential to awaken different senses in the body. The use of the scent will support the firm’s marketing strategy (Rupini & Nandagopal 2015). The individuals will feel energetic and eventually realize their personal goals.

Sandalwood is another scent that will be considered for the ink. Experts in marketing argue that the scent can attract many customers thus making the brand successful in the market. The ocean scent will be used to attract more customers who want to feel loved and inventive (Rupini & Nandagopal 2015). The company should also consider a wide range of scents that can attract more customers and eventually deliver positive results. The use of strawberry will fulfill the emotional needs of targeted customers. This means that more individuals who prefer the flavor will find the pen more appealing and useful.

The inclusion of these scents will encourage more people to purchase the marketed pens and use them to fulfill their needs. For example, some people might buy the Crystalline Stardust pen in order to awaken their feelings (Dani & Pabalkar 2013). Some can use fragranced pens as gifts or presents. The consumers will present such pens as gifts to their loved ones, family members, or friends. This practice will become a key attribute of every pen marketed by Swarovski.

This goal is attainable because Swarovski’s products are known to awaken the senses of more people (Spence & Gallace 2011). This attribute has always encouraged more people to use Swarovski’s products and accessories.

The gifts presented to different individuals will awaken their senses and make them energetic. The pens will create a bonding experience that reflects the true values and attributes of the company (Dani & Pabalkar 2013). The use of these marketing initiatives will encourage more people to purchase targeted pens for different purposes.

Online surveys should be conducted frequently in order to determine the most preferable scents. The surveys will make it easier for the company to achieve its business potentials. Consumers should be encouraged to present their suggestions and feedbacks. The company will analyze such suggestions to improve the pens. The most preferred scent will be used to attract more customers (Lund 2015). The use of surveys can encourage more people to purchase pens. Such findings will also be used by the firm to make desirable marketing decisions.

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The firm should ensure every new fragrance is guided by the expectations and demands of the targeted customers. A clear focus on the unique needs of the consumers is a powerful approach towards developing a sustainable marketing approach (Dani & Pabalkar 2013). In the beginning, Swarovski can use free samples to attract more customers. Such gifts will encourage individuals to purchase fragranced pens in the future. This practice will support the firm’s sensory branding approach and eventually make it profitable.

The Sensory Experience

Lund (2015) indicates that “marketers can use various strategies to appeal to all human senses” (p. 16). Each sense has a unique role when it comes to purchasing behaviors. Marketers are usually encouraged to consider various experiences in order to stimulate the senses of the targeted customers. Swarovski stands a chance to benefit from this idea. The continued use of different senses will transform the experiences of consumers.

The strategy will ensure the Crystalline Stardust pen is marketable and memorable. This is the case because all the sensory experience aspects will be considered during the branding strategy. The strategy will address the following aspects of the sensory experience.

Verbal: The unique features and inclusion of desirable fragrances will make the targeted pen successful in the market. Although the company might not inform every customer about its features, it will create a good atmosphere for communication. More people and potential customers will be glad to be associated with the Crystalline Stardust pen (Uddin 2011). Chances are high that more people will join this conversation and make the pen successful. This marketing strategy has the potential to deliver positive results because Swarovski is a revered brand name. The firm has been using the best features and attributes to market its products to the greatest number of customers. The use of different scents will definitely make the Crystalline Stardust pen the center of interest (Lund 2015).

Visual: The revolutionary shape of the pen is expected to attract more customers. The company should use new features to ensure the product is sparkly and fun. This aspect of the sensory experience dictates the decisions made by different people before purchasing a specific product (Hassain 2014). The pens will be presented to potential customers in different colors and fragrances. The colors should be elegant and delicious. Such colors will attract more customers in order to increase the company’s profits. The firm will use its retail outlets to inform the targeted customers about the pen’s superior visual attributes.

Audio: One of the outstanding attributes of the Crystalline Stardust pen is that it rattles (Swarovski 2016). This means that more individuals are always willing to be associated with the brand. The salespeople will be ready to share with their clients and inform them about the superior features of this pen. The pen is expected to create a new atmosphere whereby different individuals will be willing to purchase this product and use it to accomplish their goals.

The salespeople will be equipped with the necessary skills and ideas to deliver the product to more customers. This strategy will make it easier for Swarovski to achieve its business objectives. The unique features of the Crystalline Stardust pen will ensure “more individuals are ready to become repeat customers” (Pawaskar & Goel 2014, p. 258).

Tactile: The other outstanding feature of the Crystalline Stardust pen is that it is tactile (Swarovski 2016). The product is designed in such a way that the end-user can perceive it by touch. The pen is smooth and attractive. The use of a smooth texture makes it comfortable and user-friendly. Individuals who want to attain their personal goals will definitely find this pen attractive and useful. The idea of using different colors makes it appealing to more people. The marketers of the pen will find it easier to encourage and attract more potential buyers (Grebosz & Wronska 2012). The strategy will eventually make the product successful in the market.

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Smell: the use of different scents is what makes the Crystalline Stardust pen outstanding in the market. As mentioned earlier, the pen will be available in different scents such as vanilla, ocean, sandalwood, and strawberry. The intoxicating scents will be so pervasive thus encouraging more people to try the brand. More customers will encourage their family members and friends to purchase it.

These people will be informed about the unique scents associated with the pen (Pawaskar & Goel 2014). Consequently, the company will market more pens and eventually record positive outcomes. These fragrances will target different individuals depending on their personal needs and expectations. Since human beings tend to have diverse needs, the fragrances will appeal to more customers thus supporting Swarovski’s business strategy.


The proposed marketing approach for Swarovski will encourage more people to purchase the Crystalline Stardust pen. The strategy will “cause behavioral, cognitive, and emotional responses” (Grebosz & Wronska 2012, p. 69). The marketing strategy will consider the unique experiences of potential customers such as senses, interactions, emotions, and imaginations. By so doing, the company will strengthen the identity of the Crystalline Stardust pen and attract more customers.

New purchasing behaviors will emerge thus making it easier for more customers to realize their personal goals. In conclusion, the use of different fragrances will satisfy the sensory and imaginative aspects of the customers. The majority of the targeted customers will purchase the pen and encourage their friends to try it (Uddin 2011). This branding approach will make the Crystalline Stardust pen a celebrated brand in the market.


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