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Al Mansoori Group Organisational Culture

Al Mansoori Group

Organisational culture refers to the values, norms and traditions that employers and employees believe are the driving forces that help them to achieve their goals. Al Mansoori Group has a unique culture that enables it to offer quality services and products to its clients and at the same time ensure its workers are satisfied and happy working in this company. Al Mansoori Group is ranked highly in offering oilfield services in countries located in the Middle East.

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It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has more than ten branches located in this region and a total of almost 1000 employees. Its HSEQ management system is fully integrated and this means that it has registered an impeccable performance in offering quality services, managing the environment and providing a healthy working atmosphere for its employees. This paper presents various aspects of Al Mansoori Group’s organisational culture using Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.

Values and Ideas as Depicted in the Video and Corporate Pages

Al Mansoori is a unique organisation because it does not only focus on generating profits and dominating markets in the Middle East but also ensuring safety standards are promoted within and outside its premises. It focuses on ensuring that it has quality standards in terms of safety, environment and health.

This is a unique practice that very few organisations can maintain and Al Mansoori’s culture ensures its employees, assets and processes reflect the need to observe high safety standards. Managers and employees of this company believe that integrity is a key driving force that ensures this organisation offers quality services to its clients. Integrity is defined in terms of workers’ responsibilities to ensure they offer quality services using practices that do not violate the rights of consumers or the environment.

Accountability and transparency form a significant part of the values and culture of this organisation. Workers are trained to manage different issues about their services and products and interaction with the public. This includes respecting the laws of countries that allow this organisation to establish its branch in their soil. Strong ethical values refer to the ability of this organisation and its workers to manage social issues without infringing on the rights and provisions of the society. For instance, the organisation places a lot of emphasis on developing workers’ careers and ensuring they benefit from working in this company.

This company notes that its employees are its greatest asset, so it must respect, reward, train and offer them good working conditions, growth and compensation that reflects their commitment to the success of this organization. In addition, fairness, dignity, respect and trust are the pillars that drive unity and coordination amongst departments and workers to ensure this company initiates seamless processes from producing to supplying its services and products.

Moreover, the video and corporate pages explain that the practices and policies of this company are based on the need to value employees and the environment. This organisation highlights the fact that the environment is a source of raw materials and offers a platform to perform its activities. Therefore, it advocates for environment-friendly ways of doing business to ensure it does not misuse natural resources.

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Secondly, it emphasises on the importance of respecting employees and treating them as key stakeholders that determine its performance. Moreover, its values are based on the need to ensure that workers, property, the environment and customers are safe from any form of abuse, harm or danger. This ensures that sustainable production practices are used when offering oilfield services to clients. In addition, it ensures workers are safe and have all the necessary tools and skills to promote safety standards at their places of work.

Lastly, it believes that there must be excellence in the practices, operations and performance of its workers and systems to ensure consumers get quality services and products. This develops passion and commitment amongst employees and helps them to achieve their objectives. Moreover, this culture promotes and markets the services and products of this company because it ensures it has an impeccable reputation in the local and international spheres.

Greet Hofstede’s Classification of Organisational Culture

Al Mansoori’s culture presents a mixture of practices described by Greet Hofstede. His Means-oriented versus Goal-Oriented classification is evident in this company. The management does not only focus on generating profits, but also ensuring employees, property, the public and environment are safe from injuries, damages, pollution and degradation respectively. This ensures that the company, employees and public benefit from its operations and there is no violation of freedoms and rights of individuals or the policies that govern the environment.

Secondly, Hofstede describes a culture that focuses on work or employees (Employee versus Work Oriented) to promote productivity in organizations. It is necessary to explain that this organisation focuses on both aspects because it ensures workers do their best by providing workers a safe and comfortable environment. Hofstede classified organisations in terms of how they focus on their employees or workers to improve the quality of their products or services. This organisation fits this classification criterion because it focuses on the need to improve work standards by respecting the welfare of employees.

Lastly, the culture of Al Mansoori observes and promotes strict work discipline to ensure employees respect the need for integrity, fairness, commitment and trust amongst themselves and the clients of this organisation. This promotes professional ethics and a positive public image that attracts clients to the services and products of this organisation. Hofstede considers successful all organisations that have strict work regulations that ensure employees are punctual, united and respect each other.

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