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Teaching Music in the Middle Schools

When signing up members into the intermediate choir, there are a number of vital aspects, which should be put into consideration. These are the aspects that will determine the level of commitment and the quality of the choruses from the choir members.

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It is crucial to look at the interest levels of the potential choir members. When they are interested in singing they will more likely enjoy it. In as much as interest is vital, it is also important to look out for talented students as this will actually make it easier to teach them, a professional teacher will consider organizing auditions and rehearsals to attract more interested students. You should also look for attractive ways to perform for the school this should show a clear partnering of boys and girls so that the audience will feel and want to be part of it. is advisable to do songs that are familiar with. Recruiting some famous students will be important because this will make more students want to identify with them, thus increasing the interest in the choir. When choosing the songs for the choir, it is helpful to pick on a variety of songs that the students themselves can identify with. The topics of the songs chosen should be popular with the students if the preferred number of choir members is to be attained.

The choir director should show great dedication to the choir apart from loving music, singing with passion. When working with people, to get them to be enthusiastic about what they are doing, the leader also shows the same level of enthusiasm he/she expects. When the efforts of everyone are combined, there will be great synergy in the group, and this will improve the quality of the choirs’ songs.

A great way of getting talented students into the choir is by letting them go through auditions, but before the auditions, it is a fair practice to let all the interested parties rehearse and train to improve their chances of performing well in the auditions.

For most young people, image matters a lot and that is why, to keep the boys hooked to the choir, they should be let to do things in the choir which makes them come out as masculine and macho. For the ladies, they should be able to show off their beauty, elegance, and sensuality. The choir group should be given different chances to interact and practice with other different choir groups for example from colleges, high schools, or local church choirs..( Nina Gilbert,1995)This adds more ideas and improves the morale of the choir group.

When doing choreography, it is a great idea to get the services of a professional choreographer. Apart from this, letting the students participate in coming up with their original dance moves will inject creativity into the group and let the students develop their own capabilities more. A name may not have much in it, but it is important to have a sensibly good name for the choir. The group should also have a particular song that it is specifically identified with by everyone; this is called a “signature tune”.

For the group interest levels to stay high it is advisable to look for new ways of bringing new ideas to the members and a great way to do this is by giving them exposure. This can be attained by organizing for them to attend and participate in various musicals and concerts. The choir should be an inclusive one in terms of gender, ethnicity, and race. This makes everyone feel like part of the group and when the group is this mixed, it becomes easier for other new members to join and the choir will draw from a wide pool of talents. For the choir to have an almost steady stream of supply of members, it is advisable to arrange for concerts with the juniors in the school so that the juniors can develop interest to join when they come of age.

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In some circumstances, it may be inevitable to get into personal contact with potential choir members by making inquiries from the other students and talking with them on a personal level. Organizing parties and letting the choir members bring along their friends is a great way of meeting the possibly talented students and encouraging them to join the choir..( Nina Gilbert,1995) The choir members themselves should be given some sort of motivation to make them put in more effort into convincing more people to join them in the choir.

The members of the school community to be involved in the activities of the choir for the success of the program are basically all the stakeholders. The parents should be involved since they will allow their children to go for the choir practices. Apart from this, they will also offer moral and financial support to the students in the choir. The student fraternity from which the choir draws its membership should be involved as they offer great moral support. ( Nina Gilbert,1995) Both the teaching and non-teaching staff offers also a great support to the students. The teachers will be involved in giving career advice to the students and so on.

The various sources of information about appropriate repertoire for chorus include music producers and relevant written materials that the teacher of music can find appropriate in the subject.


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