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Teaming of Starbucks and Apple Corporation

Starbucks at the Brink of New Development: Analysis

Standing at the beginning of a new era, Starbucks, like any other companies, using the newly adopted technological advances to its benefit. However, unlike the rest of the companies, Starbucks preferred to team up with another corporation, and one of the most influential at that – the world’s greatest coffee-producing company has chosen Apple Corporation as its key partner. Taking a closer look at the developments which Starbucks has undergone, one can assess the company’s benefits and losses, making a conclusion about the company’s competitiveness and its market reputation.

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The macro-environmental developments

Speaking of the macro-environmental issues which the author of the articled in question touches upon, one must mention that in the given article, the proximate macro-environment is being discussed. Defined by Reynolds and Lancaste (2012) as “people, organizations, and forces within the firm’s immediate external environment” (Reynolds & Lancaste, 2012, para. 3.6.1), such issues as the company’s competitors, as well as the technological environment, is being discussed.

Another essential element of the company’s macro-economical developments, certain issues of the wider macro-environment is also touched upon. To be more exact, the author of the article discusses the technological factors which are going to be considered when putting the new development into practice.

The macro-environmental forces at play

Speaking of the macro-economical forces which are mentioned in the article, one must pay special attention to the technological elements. Considered one of the key driving forces behind any major company development, these forces are especially important when it comes to the interaction with an IT company, such as Google and Apple, which is the case of Starbucks. Hence, one of the key forces is the technological one.

As for another essential element that is supposed to boost the company’s success, the social and cultural ones are to be mentioned as well. Playing a great role in the promotion of the newly adopted strategy, the given factor shapes the company’s status a lot. As Sullivan and Adcock explain, social factors relate not only to the store personnel but also to the current trends in the society and the way they shape the company’s business (Sullivan & Adcock, 2002). In the given case, the social factors impact the situation a lot, since Apple and Google products have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Starbucks and the Impact of the Developments: Daily Business

Though it is quite hard to predict the effects which certain changes will have on a company in several years, in the case with Starbucks, one can suggest more or less certain forecast for the future. Since such companies as Google and Apple are going to team up with Starbucks, take the Google and Apple’s current stability, one can assume that the prognosis for Starbucks is quite auspicious for the further development.

Attracting more clientele with its technological advances, Starbucks is likely to achieve considerable success. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the given solution concerns not the quality of the company’s products, but only an improvement of one of the company’s services (Starbucks ‘Google Offers’ deal: half-price gift cards will benefit ‘Create Jobs For USA’ Fund, 2012). Therefore, it is required that Starbucks should come up with the suggestions concerning the micro-environmental improvements as well.

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