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  1. Compromise and Collaboration in Conflict Resolution
    The choice of conflict resolution approach depends on the situation. Compromise and collaboration are the most popular approaches with their own benefits and disadvantages.
  2. Urban Planning: Smart Growth and Community Collaboration
    Smart Growth refers to the leading systems of urban planning. This work provides an overview of the principle of collaboration between the citizens and stakeholders.
  3. Nursing Collaboration and Teamwork in Miami
    The following SWOT analysis will focus on the areas of collaboration, teamwork, and aesthetic leadership of one of the nursing departments in Miami, Florida.
  4. Professional Health Care: Teamwork and Collaboration
    Shared governance is one of the fundamental components of collaboration. It allows nurses and other practitioners to take part in the decision-making process.
  5. Nurse Staffing and Collaboration
    The current paper is a literature review related to the issue of nurse staffing and nurse collaboration in hospitals.
  6. Community and Government Collaboration
    This paper evaluates the collaboration between community and government, methods of citizen involvement and advocacy, and analyzes the community for aspects of a problem.
  7. Nurses-Physicians Communication and Collaboration
    This paper focuses on the effect of the collaboration between nurses and other healthcare professionals have on patient health outcomes.
  8. Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Quality Collaboration
    Kendall Regional Medical Center is involved with the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems as its main tool for assessing health care quality.
  9. Team Members and Patient Satisfaction’ Collaboration
    Transitional Care Model allows nurses to operate better the interventions targeted at addressing the health outcomes of older patients at risk as they move between clinicians.
  10. Consular Service and Collaboration in the 21st Century
    In the context of globalization, consular collaboration acquires particular interest as it is meant to develop a variety of international links and support national ex-pats abroad.
  11. Entrepreneurial Collaboration with Facebook
    The paper will support the launch of a new IT entrepreneurial project. The venture will perform in collaboration with Facebook, one of the Fortune 500 enterprises.
  12. Teamwork and Collaboration in Future Nursing
    Teamwork and collaboration are the primary requirements of the contemporary health care setting because various issues can be resolved faster due to joint decision-making.
  13. Conflict Resolution: Compromise and Collaboration
    Conflicts are usually caused by the incompatibility of principles, aims, interests, or experiences. The success of conflict resolution depends on the selected strategy.
  14. Teamwork and Collaboration in Nursing
    A goal of collaboration is to enhance holistic and safe delivery of care to patients. The paper discusses the components of teamwork and collaboration in the health care setting.
  15. Nursing: Interprofessional Practice and Collaboration
    Interprofessional collaboration or practice is an evidence-based initiative that caregivers in the field of nursing should take seriously.
  16. Interprofessional Collaboration Improving Patient Care
    Overcoming medical errors is a complex task, but improving collaboration and communicative patterns between professionals that have a mutual goal
  17. Business Networking Strategies for Collaboration
    This paper explores business-networking strategies that enhance collaboration. It compares different networking approaches and benefits of collaboration.
  18. Mobile Collaboration and Social Capital’s Role
    Mobile Collaboration: Exploring the Role of the Social Capital shows and the influence of mobile technologies on the social activity of workers, involved in mobile collaboration.
  19. Collective Customer Collaboration System Analysis
    The phenomenon of the Collective Customer Collaboration system (C3) on the supply chain performance of an organization can hardly be overrated.
  20. Microsoft Access: Efficiency and Collaboration
    This paper presents a proposal for the migration from the Microsoft Excel to a relational database such as Microsoft Access in order to help in tracking personnel data.
  21. Chapter 11 of Special Educator’s Guide to Collaboration
    This article discusses the importance and dynamics of connections between teachers and the families of their students.
  22. Teachers’ Collaboration with Libraries for Testing
    This paper analyzes the potential of teachers’ collaboration with libraries and librarians in improving the results of standardized testing.
  23. Storage and Collaboration in the Cloud
    Cloud storage also enabled companies to use various online business collaboration tools, such as wikis, blogs, instant messaging, and shared documents.
  24. Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited
    The Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) was manually distributing information to other truck dealerships within the region.
  25. General & Special Education Teacher Collaboration
    The identified medium for helping the teachers to receive the appropriate inclusion training is Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

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  1. Linking Trust and Collaboration in Project Teams to Project Management Success
    The article addresses the importance of trust and collaboration in management success, high levels of which are expected and required to improve the outcomes of high-end projects.
  2. Collaboration and Peer Review in Nursing Education
    Interaction with colleagues in the successful practice of finding answers to current research questions and problem-solving mechanisms.
  3. Collaboration and Team Work in Nursing Education
    I have found both collaboration and peer review to be very effective forms of learning because they enable exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.
  4. Healthcare Professionals and Nurse Practitioners Collaboration
    Healthcare professionals and nurse practitioners should collaborate to provide high-quality medical care to their respective patients.
  5. Nurse–Physician Collaboration in General Internal Medicine
    Although nurses and physicians perform different functions, their major goal is to provide high-quality care and improve patient outcomes.
  6. Nursing Development: Inter-Professional Collaboration in Healthcare
    This paper presents the essentials of inter-professional collaboration, a plan of promoting excellent patient outcomes, a healthcare delivery system plan, and MSN interventions.
  7. Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare
    Teamwork in healthcare contributes to better patient health outcomes. Clinical staff and administration of healthcare organizations must work collaboratively.
  8. Resident-Nurse Collaboration in General Internal Medicine
    “Interprofessional Collaboration Between Residents and Nurses in General Internal Medicine” discusses the lack of teamwork between nurses and physicians.
  9. “A Case Study of Online Collaboration” by Ling Thompson
    This article describes the experiment which was conducted the degree of online collaboration between online students from the point of view of participation, synthesis, dependence and interdependence.
  10. The Daily Tribune: Advertisement, News, Collaboration
    The case is about Daily Tribune, a well-established newspaper in eastern Tennessee. The newspaper’s readership is in the small towns and commands a good number of readerships in counties.
  11. Benefits of Online Collaboration
    Online collaboration encompasses real time communication that consists of the telephone and web conferencing, making use of many groupware package.
  12. Supply Chain Collaboration in Kernels Popcorn
    This paper on Kernels Popcorn’s supply chain collaboration with primary considerations has designed through both of literature overview and scenarios of Kernels Popcorn.
  13. Feudalism and Manorialism Collaboration
    First of all it should be stated that manorialism is the economic system which may exist only in the circumstances of feudalism.
  14. Technology Management: To What Extent Is Collaboration in Networks A Requirement of Today’s Innovation Process?
    What KM and innovation requires from us is not to overestimate the expected outcomes that the performance tendencies are typically associated with and its diverse aliases have had on business administration.
  15. Collaboration Between Business Strategy and IT Strategy
    This paper looks at the collaboration between business strategies and the information strategies, the problems with strategy formulation, implementation, and the strategic processes.
  16. Collaboration Between C-Commerce and Corporate Portal
    Analysis of relationship between C-commerce and corporate portal, and a research study on the e-commerce applications in a selected company – the Thai-Lay Fashion.
  17. Collaboration Between Google and China Mobile Company
    The outcome of the strategic alliance between Google and China Mobile Company will therefore be a modern smartphone par with changing technology and customer needs.
  18. Intelligent Systems, Collaboration Technologies Cigna Health
    This essay addresses the importance of communication and collaboration technologies, reviews the challenges of integration faced by Cigna Health.
  19. Partner Collaboration Barriers and Their Overcoming
    If the company’s directory is somewhat conservative or does not accept changes, it must undergo a thorough overhaul to eliminate any possible stagnation in views.
  20. Collaboration and Teamwork Within Healthcare Unit
    The ability to cooperate within a healthcare unit is necessary not only in terms of a beneficial working atmosphere but for the best possible treatment outcome for the patient.
  21. Video Reflection on Interprofessional Collaboration for NURS4010
    During the video it’s plan to cover the objectives like: personal experience, the troublesome Vila Health scenario, the importance of collaboration regarding clinical informatics.
  22. Remote Collaboration on Evidence-Based Care
    All techniques must be used to ensure the safety and best results of patient treatment. Sometimes access to them can be difficult.
  23. Patient-Centered Care: Interprofessional Collaboration
    In this essay, the author describes how interprofessional collaboration has improved the outcomes of his practice for patients.
  24. Collaboration and Leadership Reflection in Nursing
    Interprofessional collaboration implies the engagement of several healthcare experts with different backgrounds and specializations to work with patients and their families.
  25. Team Work and Collaboration
    A nurse should communicate with experienced people in the field. It will help to gather the cases and situations appropriate for each life case.

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  1. Health Providers and Interpreters Collaboration
    Collaboration between health providers and interpreters has allowed patients to receive care of elevated quality.
  2. Collaboration Agreement: A Partnership for Tax Purposes
    A collaboration agreement between A Corporation and B Corporation is a partnership for tax purposes under the current regulations.
  3. Wiki Collaboration: Several Points for the Writers
    Writers should realize the long-term goal of their work, the context in which the material is created, the rules for publishing content to become an effective wiki collaboration.
  4. Teamwork and Collaboration in Healthcare
    Successful health outcomes are best attained when there are teamwork and collaboration among the individuals involved.
  5. Team Collaboration: Processes and Expectations for Communication
    All the team members have been requested to outline the number of hours they can devote to the project daily. All members are continuously reminded to remain committed.
  6. Nurse-Physician Collaboration and Hospital-Acquired Infections
    This review aims to analyze a research article by Boev and Xia titled “Nurse-Physician Collaboration and Hospital-acquired Infections in Critical Care.”
  7. The Agile Approach in Terms of Encouraging Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration
    The use of Agile along with the interim governance approach agreed at a senior level can have a positive impact on the organization due to its opportunity to trigger multiple changes.
  8. Team Collaboration for Smoking Cessation
    The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (2018) show that smoking harms almost every single organ in the human body, causes various diseases and conditions.
  9. The Link Between Collaboration and Penetration Testing
    Collaboration is also critical to an organization’s information security because its lack can be exploited by an attacker as a vulnerability.
  10. Healthcare: Interprofessional Collaboration
    The essay presents ethical and legal principles providing a positive shift from traditional views in the health care system and nursing in particular.
  11. Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare
    In recent years, the idea of interprofessional collaboration in this sphere has become a matter of intense interest for professionals and scholars.
  12. Conflict and Power: Police and Community Collaboration
    This paper includes an analysis of the nature of the conflict between law enforcement and citizens in the US, as well as some strategies that can contribute to solving the problem.
  13. Interprofessional Collaboration and Relations Between Doctors and Their Patients
    This paper discusses a correlation between the enhanced interprofessional collaboration and the individualized approach to patient care, and doctors’ and their patients’ relations.
  14. Scaffolding and Collaboration as a Basis of Instruction
    Scaffolding can form a strong basis for instruction and enhance students’ understanding of classroom concepts.
  15. Aspects of Effective Collaboration and Teamwork
    Effective collaboration is a balanced system, which can be compared to a body that functions correctly and independently to some extent
  16. Art and Science: Collaboration and Interdependence
    The collaboration between art and science has led to innovations in many fields. The paper explores the practical applications that result in collaboration between art and science.
  17. Collaboration in Special Educational Process
    Collaborative processes help teachers improve students’ outcomes and arouse their interest in learning. Collaboration is an essential part of an IEP for special education.
  18. Remote Collaboration and Evidence-Based Care
    The emergence of new communication technologies, such as messaging and the Internet, has removed some barriers to healthcare access.
  19. Interprofessional Collaboration in Health Care
    This study aims to explore the topic of collaboration within teams, with the focus placed on interprofessional dynamics.
  20. Collaboration Problems in Nursing Practice
    Cross-disciplinary collaboration is beneficial to both the patient and practitioner and organizations should strive to include this risk-lessening strategy.
  21. Comparing Collaboration and Advice Giving
    The concept difference is that the collaboration approach implies constant therapist-patient communication. The advice-giving is one-sided and based on the clinician’s experience.
  22. Teamwork Performance and Effective Collaboration
    Essential collaboration skills in business include engaging in a purposeful conversation, appreciation, creativity in solving conflicts productively, and plan management.
  23. Asia-Pacific Collaboration: Opportunities and Threats
    The collaboration between Australia and other economies in the Asia-Pacific region presents numerous opportunities for development.
  24. Healthcare Environment: Challenges to Teamwork and Collaboration
    Collaboration among staff members is one of the vital requirements for effective management of key tasks and responsibilities in the healthcare environment.
  25. Operation Anaconda and the War in Afghanistan: Collaboration and Coordination
    Operation Anaconda is an important case study for military operations and the importance of coordinated efforts.
  26. Negotiations: The Conundrum of Collaboration
    The paper represents a short lesson for future negotiators that have to look at this information as the fundamental knowledge that affects business relationships.

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  1. Firm Collaboration and Modes of Innovation in Norway
  2. Industry Engagement for Teamwork and Collaboration
  3. Collaboration and Female Representation in Academic Fields
  4. Factors for Healthcare Environment Teamwork and Collaboration
  5. Reflected Knowledge and Trust in Global Collaboration
  6. Collaboration and the Quality of Economics Research
  7. Communication and Collaboration Strategies
  8. Collaboration and European Defence Industrial Policy
  9. Fostering Collaboration: The Power of Effective Teams
  10. Tolerance, Collaboration, and Economic Growth
  11. Business Collaboration, Rather Than Market Competition
  12. Industrial Collaboration and the European Internal Market
  13. Improved Effectiveness Through Collaboration
  14. Building Successful Collaboration Within the Work Group
  15. Collaboration, Problem-Solving, and Conflict Management
  16. Collaboration, Communication, and Teambuilding
  17. Factors Influencing the Collaboration of the New Testament
  18. Collaboration and Innovation Networks in Esprit
  19. Creativity, Innovation, and E-Collaboration
  20. Collaboration and Transparency Across Project Teams
  21. Leadership, Collaboration, and Team Work
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