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Technology as the Cause of Obesity


Today, humanity witnesses the third industrial revolution, or the broad implementation of innovative solutions into various spheres of activity. It contributes to increased effectiveness, better outcomes, and provides new opportunities for evolution. The contemporary digitalized society offers multiple opportunities for people to attain success in various spheres and benefit from limitless access to information. Unfortunately, the development of science and the emergence of numerous devices that raise the level of comfort can also be considered the primary cause for the appearance of multiple adverse effects that might have a negative impact on the quality of people’s lives. Obesity and the critical deterioration of the health of the nation that is caused by it are the two major concerns that are discussed regarding the spread of technologies people can observe today.

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The modern digitalized society preconditions the availability of various devices for almost every house. Statistics show that about 85% of households own a computer and other devices with access to the Internet (Cooper and Morton 170). Moreover, the spread of social media and their popularity introduce significant changes in people’s lifestyles and habits. The younger generation uses their smartphones for various purposes and spends up to 85% of their time with this device in their hands and staying at home (Cooper and Morton 171). They can use multiple delivery services, communicate, and do their job, not leaving their homes or lying in bed. It can be considered one of the achievements of the modern world as people can finally enjoy all benefits that technologies might guarantee them; however, the given convenience poses a serious threat to the health of populations.

The sober fact is that progress is also associated with a particular level of comfort and laziness, that serve as the main facilitators of inventions helping to simplify tasks and goals achievement. However, today, society has reached critical levels, which means that they start to suffer from the lack of physical activity and the development of diseases associated with it. For the safe Western world, obesity becomes one of the nagging problems as about 39% of people suffer from it (Cooper and Morton 171). Being overweight is mainly associated with the absence of activity and deficit of movement, which proves the direct correlation between the mentioned issues. Multiple complications triggered by obesity, such as the increased risk of heart failure, high pressure, complicated aspiration, and diabetes remain one of the leading causes of death in the state (Cooper and Morton 174). From this perspective, technologies can be considered one of the roots of the deterioration of the health of the nation and multiple deaths.

Another factor evidencing the existence of the correlation between the development of technologies and obesity is the shift in people’s mentalities that can be observed today. In accordance with the research, nowadays, people spend about 30% less time outside than ten years before (Cooper and Morton 172). Moreover, recent forecasts state that the given amount will continue to reduce, and individuals will prefer not to leave their houses in a bigger number of situations. To some degree, it is explained by the radical change in worldview and mentality. The emergence of new ways of communication such as video chatting, limitless opportunities for data exchange and discussion, and the development of a technological base that can support all activities contribute to the appearance of new behavioral patterns and value systems. For this reason, people who can use new devices prefer to stay at home as their basic needs are fulfilled.

Moreover, existing investigations of overweight outline the relationship between the stage of civilization’s evolution and the average body mass index (BMI) of the population. The analysis of historic records demonstrates a significant increase in the number of obese people regarding the evolution of technologies and levels of comfort associated with it (Cooper and Morton 175). In other words, in periods characterized by the rapid growth of scientific and industrial sectors, obesity becomes a critical factor affecting populations. It means that innovations, technologies, and new devices can also be considered the basic facilitators of change and, at the same time, the primary cause for the emergence and evolution of obesity as it results from reduced activity levels.


In such a way, technologies that are widely used today can be considered one of the major causes for the emergence of obesity among various populations groups. The opportunity to perform the majority of daily tasks, not leaving a room, has a pernicious impact on humanity and deprives it of a chance for a healthy future. Moreover, the shift in mentalities towards the acceptance of innovative solutions and new value system boost the digitalization of society and create an environment beneficial for the integration of technologies in all spheres of human activity. Along with multiple benefits that can be expected because of this radical change, there is also an increased risk of the appearance and development of obesity. For this reason, there is a critical need for change in our behavioral and activity patterns.


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