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Technology, Transportation Management and Biblical Worldview

Each generation tends to develop new technical means and improve the system of accounting, processing, transmission, and storage of data. Since the middle of the XIX century, the mass use of satellite communications, computer technology, and computer networks has begun. The modern world is impossible without TMT technologies that erase state borders and the distance between people. They make mobile and video communication available and allow people to solve many tasks in the field of management, education, and commerce. Every person encounters them on a daily basis, making phone calls, checking email, or buying goods in online stores. There is a continuous development of new TMT technologies that permeate all spheres of human activity and radically change their character.

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The process of integration of TMT and television systems is one of the promising directions for the further development of the information environment of society. The novelty of recent digital technologies lies in the fact that they allow the viewer to significantly compact the broadcast channels. With their help, a large number of frequencies can be released, which can be used both for TMT purposes and for the purposes of other industries. The benefit for viewers from the transition to digital broadcasting is the multi-programming of broadcasting and the improvement of image quality. To date, the TV screen itself is becoming more and more multifunctional. It’s functioning as a TV, video phone, and computer display are well-known and used in most households.

One of the most important features of digital data transmission technology is its ability to increase the available distributivity. It is this aspect of recent technologies that could most affect TMT over the course of time. In the future, it will be possible to offer the viewer a whole range of services at the same time, such as differently designed general channels, thematic channels, niche channels, etc. The key aspects of the information society will be the freedom of choice of the viewer and the new content of multimedia. With the help of new visual means, the ways of producing TV programs will change, enriching their genres and creating new synthetic forms. Ultimately, this will significantly transform the aesthetic features of television, both in the field of information and in the field of art.

From the point of view of biblical theology, scientific and technological progress should serve to transform a person and develop in line with spiritual and moral progress. The works of scientific and technological progress themselves are neutral, but the human spirit finds them either evil or good use. On the pages of the Bible, examples of technical thought, embodied not only as evil, bringing suffering and death, can be seen (KJV Holy Bible, 2022). Technological innovations can also act as an image of service to God and evidence of His special favor for man. Scientific and technological progress can and should serve the knowledge of God, revealing opportunities for the study of the created world with the aim of glorifying the Creator.

As a result of the increasing speed of technology, the global transportation community has been optimized by the creation of transportation systems rather than using old transportation management systems. Means of communication, management, and control can now be integrated into vehicles and infrastructure facilities. Management and decision-making capabilities based on real-time information are available not only to transportation operators but also to all transportation users. The task is solved by building an integrated system, “goods – transportation infrastructure – vehicles” (Yu, 2020). It is carried out with the maximum use of the latest information and control technologies; such advanced systems are called intelligent.

Given the speed of technology development, the TMT computer should be considered not only as a means of learning but also as one of the most important elements of the educational process. Various means of communication are used to facilitate and improve the learning process and increase the level of training of students. Among them are a computer, websites, digital educational resources, interactive models, email, etc. TMT is the most important component of all activities of a modern college teacher (Wang & Fu, 2021). The use of technologies contributes to the optimization and integration of educational and extracurricular activities. Complementing a wide range of pedagogical technologies, TMT helps to solve the issues of the formation of general communicative competence – the conditions for the successful socialization of graduates.

The development of communication technologies and means of telecommunications creates the basis for the implementation of scientific and educational programs at a qualitatively new level. The creation of global broadband telecommunications environments and the development of technologies for their use makes it possible to research and implement models of an unconcentrated educational environment. Modern information and communication technologies are significantly changing all social relations. Due to remote communication technologies, global trade management is more effective. In the information society, distances are being reduced; globalization is taking place, and unprecedented opportunities for the development of different countries are being created. Not only the secular but also the biblical worldview confirms that new technologies create new opportunities for self-realization and knowledge acquisition.

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