The Big Five Personality Inventory for Leaders

The Big Five personality test allows analyzing such dimensions of one’s personality as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. That is why the test is frequently abbreviated as OCEAN (“The Big Five personality test,” n.d.). The results of the inventory help to understand one’s abilities to exercise self-discipline and explain the tendency to think abstractly and put others’ interests ahead of one’s own. Also, the test helps to measure the need for attention from others and inclination toward negative emotions (“The Big Five personality test,” n.d.). I have scored the following in each category:

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  • Openness: 92%;
  • Conscientiousness: 77%;
  • Extraversion: 37.5%;
  • Agreeableness: 90.5%;
  • Neuroticism: 58%.

The most positive aspect of the results is the degree of openness. My score indicates that I am intellectual, creative, and able to think abstractly. I enjoy art and frequently engage myself in creative activities. The degree of conscientiousness is quite high, which means that I have enough self-discipline and strictness to work towards reaching my goals. The score emphasized one of my most prominent traits: the readiness to wait for some time and receive a big reward rather than take a little one immediately.

My level of extraversion, which indicates the willingness to seek inspiration and encouragement from the outside world, is quite low. The degree of agreeableness is high, which means that I am more willing to cooperate than compete with others. Finally, I have a moderate score in neuroticism, which indicates that I rarely demonstrate fear or sadness in difficult situations. Overall, the results are positive rather than negative, and my personality pattern is the emphatic idealist.

While the results are generally good, it is crucial to discuss them in association with the readiness to become a leader. According to Huckabee (2018), openness, extraversion, and conscientiousness are closely related to leadership effectiveness. Thus, it is necessary to analyze my readiness to become a leader based on the test scores. The degrees of openness (92%) and conscientiousness (77%) are quite high, which means I could become a good leader. However, the degree of extraversion is rather low (37.5%), which indicates that it might be difficult for me to accept other people’s ideas as more engaging than my won ones. Thus, to enhance my level of readiness to become a leader, I need to develop the ability to look for stimulation from others.

The Big Five personality inventory also allows analyzing one’s behavior towards school, work, and teamwork. From my results, it is clear that I get on well with other people. My personality pattern presupposes that I employ creativity and imagination to find solutions to difficult situations and to help my peers and coworkers. Also, due to the moderate degree of neuroticism, I keep calm in stressful situations and can support and encourage others. The only negative aspect in this regard in the degree of extraversion. Because it is very low, I might find it difficult to consider my team members’ or colleagues’ ideas as the most suitable ones.

Personality tests are a great way to learn more about different dimensions of one’s character. The Big Five inventory showed some vital aspects of my personality, which can serve as a key to understanding the problems of communicating with other people. I need to work more on the ability to seek encouragement from the outside world. By and large, the results indicate that I can be a good leader and react calmly to stressful events.


The Big Five personality test. (n.d.). Web.

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Huckabee, M. (2018). Clinical leadership for physician assistants and nurse practitioners. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.

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