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The Concept of Media Ecology


Media ecology is defined as a study on various media developments regarding the early years and the current years a better example of the current development in the media and communication industry is that of the advancement of technology whereby we find that in the past years many people used to pass their information through reports put on the papers and others by the use of verbal communication regardless f the distance between the sender and the receiver of the intended information. (Parries and Jeffay, Pp 3-17)

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The paper has actually outlined various technologies that are implemented in the development of a number of sectors in the global world currently. In this case the paper should have covered the implementation of the internet as a computer technology in the current years. This study has helped the shedding the light on the use of internet applications and its key concepts. Bringing out the benefits accompanying the adoption of the internet policy in many societies and also highlighting the risks and the dangers associated with the use of internet in any organization (Parries and Jeffay, Pp 3-17)

Research indicates that passing information across the borders was regarded as the most difficult and tedious task in the historical eras whereby it was until the era of evolution that man was able invent technology which was later used as a better tool for communication for the example the use of the internet which was first developed by the United States Department of Defence in the early 1960s.

Since then, it is believed that there are almost over 300,000 networks which are spread all over the nations of the world to enhance a better communication between a number of nations and even between individuals. It has been the most exciting development in the world of communication today. Therefore we find that there is a need for people to appreciate this technology in order to increase and expand the economic development in a particular region. (Parries and Jeffay, Pp 3-17)

Such technologies include information technologies, which include the broadcast and the print media; this including the internet, also the agricultural technology such as the use of new farming equipments and methods. These technologies are said to have improved the peoples understanding of a number of developmental tactics. This paper indicates that each technology carries both positive and negative effects to the society at large. One of the technologies discussed in this paper is that of the information technology indicating how the rise of computers has affected the society both positively and negatively. (Parries and Jeffay, Pp 3-17)

Taking a look at the advantage of the technology in many communication and learning institutions we find that the invention of computers has enabled the use of electronic materials carrying a number information that are suitable to be used by the users through their revising, reading and understanding of the particular information. This technology has also allowed the information to be put in large quantities thus making it cheap and simple for the learners to get more information at once, than going to libraries and reading a whole lot of books to get the required information

Advantages for using the internet as new technology in the society

This advancement of using the internet has basically enabled individuals to have a better access to good literature contents. The use of computer technologies, we find that preferable learning contents such as journals, newspapers, books and many academic articles can be obtained through the internet.

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This access to information is found to be the most important factor in many institutions whereby people have the authorization to store the retrieved materials using devices of storage such as flash disks and diskettes which enable them to retrieve and use the data easily. In this case we find that the students also apart from that of accessing the material, they are also able to change the information or make the information look more realistic by either annoting the texts and manipulating them, this indicates that this new technology has enhanced (Parries and Jeffay, Pp 3-17)

The internet is said to be providing an instant access of material concerning any topic imaginable to anybody, for this case we find that the internet users are able to converse with all people all over the world, by the use of computer applications such the e-mail which is to referred to as electronic mail that has significantly changed the older modes of communication and taken it to a higher level. The adaptation of such applications has made communication among all the global nations effective and easy.

The use of e-mail have greatly reduced the usual telephone and mailing costs incurred by individuals and organizations. As the paper puts it every technology presents a positive and a negative change in the community, therefore in the case of the internet technology, besides the positive changes discussed it also a number of negative changes on the culture of the individuals in the society, and this include;

In terms of security we find that the Internet provides unlimited access to information to all accessing it. Through this an individual may be able to retrieve important information which he has developed a negative ambition by its use, for example a person may retrieve specific information on a particular site to spread propaganda which may thereafter influence the society to engage in various misunderstandings or even may lead to war. (Parries and Jeffay, Pp 3-17)

Architectural postmodernism

Research indicates that postmodernism is always regarded as an act as the practices being done at the present and which proves to have been done in the past years. Is believed that the most practices are done in the post-modern era is that of architecture where we find that there have been the production and maintaining of the same type of housing styles since the late 1970s but in many cases we find that the current housing styles are usually done in a replication manner and thus they end up being exaggerated. (Atkins Architects, Pp3-5)

The best example is the Sheth tower in Dubai which is believed to have applied the designs of the Iris Bay which was built at a height of one hundred and seventy metres high with a thirty two storey in middle of the commercial centre in Dubai. The Sheth tower is found to have been built on a four storey platform that floats over an arcade with a double height which includes retail houses    and other commercial places which totals up to an eight two thousand square metres

Indicating the Sheth Tower in Dubai.
Figure 1 indicating the Sheth Tower in Dubai.

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Parries, M K. & Jeffay, F (2002); “internet uses” the proceedings of the 9th International workshop, New York Pp. 3-17.

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