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Effects of Social Media and Internet

Effect on Me

I regard social media as the most critical communication platform. As a social being, I appreciate the significance of interactions in my life. Therefore, I maintain that people need efficient connection resources, and social media through Internet facilitation is the perfect networking tool. I look forward to increasing the number of my friends within and without the borders of my country. I admit I may not travel physically worldwide and meet as many friends as I wish, but social media and the Internet have allowed me to go global virtually. Notably, I currently connect with many diverse people through my social media accounts.

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Social media and the Internet have enabled me to discover the world more than ever before. I am a curious individual, and it fascinates me that there are many aspects of the world that I can discover. The Internet has transformed the earth into a global village, and that offers me an opportunity to know what is happening in any part of the planet using my smart devices. I acknowledge that humans should be aware of how others are faring, and social media has allowed me to track most of my mates and persons of my interest. Therefore, I regard social media and the Internet as my powerful information tools.

Influence on the Study of Social Science

Social scientists focus on the social, economic, and political affairs, and social media and the Internet are highly useful. Online users interact for various reasons, and their activities allow researchers to investigate changes in many social issues. Moreover, social media bring together individuals from all parts of the world. Subsequently, it enables investigators to study cultural transformations elaborately since the communication apparatus displays the minute details about lifestyle and personalities, which could otherwise be hard to detect in the conventional field study. Also, social media and the Internet facilitate the examination of how emerging technologies modify socialization. Therefore, the assets ease the exploration of how social interactions transfigure as the world transforms.

Social media and the Internet enhance scientific research through quality data collection. Sizeable information gathering is vital in evidence-based probing, but that is repeatedly a challenge to many analysts. However, the Internet offers large data sets where interested individuals can obtain diverse facts, making experimentation straightforward. Furthermore, the availability of huge details online limits biasedness in sourcing details compared to the conventional selective statistics assembling. Notably, social media and the Internet reinforce extensive and objective studies.

Impact on the Larger Society

Several controversies exist on how social media and the Internet affect the larger society, but I maintain that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Since no human is an island, social media facilitate the wide-ranging creation of social networks. I recognize that people need to interact with others to grow, and, thus, social media support social advancement. Besides, social media platforms allow community members to have a sense of belonging to a particular society. Accordingly, social media and the Internet enable people to be active in the Internet world.

Social media allow society members to support each other whenever necessary. The world is highly diverse, and the inhabitants experience varied challenges at different times. Consequently, social media connect people who may wish to assist one another. The push for absolute democracy is continuous, and social media offer an alternative voice to the voiceless. Consequently, social networking enables ordinary people and activists to oppose social injustices. Moreover, social media often bring people in need to the limelight and ultimately get appropriate aid, such as through online fundraising. Consequently, social media facilitate timely response to people’s desires internationally.

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