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The Death of Mothers as Healthcare Challenge

Being one of the greatest miracles of the world, the issue of birth nowadays obtains some other meaning. Unfortunately, very often women die during the period of pregnancy because of a great number of different issues. The given video Birth in Nepal is also connected with this theme. It states that in the modern world every minute and every day mothers die because of the impossibility to obtain qualified medical service. This fact can be taken as the major healthcare challenge which modern world faces. The thing is that this process becomes more and more complicated and a great number of women all over the world die. That is why, something should be done in order to guarantee safety to women and save the future of our planet.

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The main causes of high mortality rate among mothers, mentioned in the video, are civil wars and chaos, which remains after them. Additionally, it should be said that some political affairs should be mentioned. Difficult conditions for living, which exist in a great number of countries, lead to the destruction of the health of a woman. Having no other choice but to work hard in order to survive, a woman also takes children as her helpers and, that is why, there is a great number of families with many children in poor countries. Additionally, very often women cannot reach the hospital which is situated far from their villages and they die because of the lack of medical help. However, some social reasons could also be taken as factors which lead to the death of women. The thing is that menstruation and pregnancy are taken as some special states of a woman and she becomes isolated. That is why, very often a doctor of nurse could not help.

Nevertheless, current situation is noticed and the government of Nepal takes some steps which could improve current state of affairs. One of some suggested solutions is the idea to make women give birth in hospitals. However, this remedy does not seem to be rather efficient. Due to the peculiarities of local culture women continue to remain at home during the whole period of their pregnancy and during the process delivery. Additionally, sometimes a woman simply does not have the possibility to reach the hospital because of extreme poverty of a family. That is why, suggested measures do not seem to be very efficient and help women.

Thus, something should be done because the current situation can be taken as disastrous. It is easy to predict further development of this problem as there are no signs of the improvement of situation in the country nowadays. Besides, in a long-term perspective this tendency can lead to significant decrease of population of Nepal and its ageing. Young women will be afraid to give birth. Moreover, because of a high mortality rate of mothers, health of children will also become worse as it is vital for them to feel the presence of their mothers and care during their first years of life. With this in mind, it is possible to say that it is a very dangerous situation which should be solved.

In conclusion, it should be admitted that this problem is topical not only for Nepal, though situation is dangerous in a great number of other poor countries. That is why, attention should be given to it in shortest terms or there will be no future for our society.

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