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The Development of the United States History

Eric Foner has demonstrated a high mastery of the subject of the development of the history of the United States by introducing various topics related to the most impactful colonization. According to the author, the most impactful form of colonization was having privileges and freedom for the American natives in the United States. However, the books have shown that the development of freedom situation in any area depends entirely on the situation in which the people have been living from the past to their present times. In addition, the author has illustrated that privileges play a considerable part in the development of freedom as it showed how many families suffered in their quest to have freedom. The five key developments evident in the history of the United States are slavery, colonization, freedom, religion, and political liberty.

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In the articles, Foner has critically evaluated how American history was marred with various attempts to shape their independence with much predominance on the five aspects. Both documents contain different instances that support my thesis from chapter 12, and this essay aims to expound on such cases (Foner, 2017). According to the author, the majority of the women living in Virginia lacked many options that would see them free from the marriages they were engaged in between the years 1783 to 1785 (Hodes, 2019). For instance, the majority of the women lacked certain privileges and had different perspectives on the type of freedom they were eyeing shortly. Individuals such as Powhatan made an effective contribution toward the elimination of slavery issues.

Consequently, the article by Foner giving freedom illustrates how the community of Indians had various signs of development even before the colonization period. According to the author, the Indians had perfected aspects such as hunting, farming, and building enhanced structures for political powers and religious beliefs (Foner, 2016). Therefore, the impacts of “give me freedom” were essential to the Indians as they could reclaim their independence from the hands of the colonial European during the years 1783 to 1785 under Smith’s influence. In addition, the effects of the “give me freedom “manifested themselves clearly to the Indians. Through them, they could eliminate the notion of the European colonialist who often referred to them with derogatory names (Foner, 2017). The Indians also wanted some form of freedom back from slavery and oppression that deemed them of the ability to build their empire effectively. These points support my thesis by evaluating the effects of freedom and liberty in realizing developments in slavery and providing citizens with freedom.

In other words, Foner presents a profound illustration of how women were forced to engage in toxic marriages due to the law of nature that prevented them from making their own decision (Foner, 2017). From Foner’s perspective, women living in the 17th century between 1783 to 1800 could not overcome the conditions they were living in their present times due to a lack of developments in American history’s freedom and liberty sectors (Hodes, 2019). However, with the advancement in these sectors of American history, developments have resulted in tremendous results. According to Foner, the majority of the women were struggling to acquire equity in their forms of treatment compared to men, who were treated equally under Powhatan leadership (Foner, 2017). Therefore, the women had to organize revolt movements to fight for the realization of freedom.

In addition, according to Foner, there existed a demise to realize effective removal of cases related to slavery which were associated with high chances of life loss, especially among the African Americans living in the United States. Similarly, various incidents of the African Slave trade had highly visualized as the darkest occasions manifested in the human history of American society. According to Olaudah Equiano, the center passage in American development history was slavery. It lasted from 1450 to around 1860, depicting a manifestation of over 300 years that was marred with struggle and torture for the Africans in the United States (Foner, 2017). Smith made a greater contribution to the struggle to realize the elimination of the slave trade in the United States history. The situation later turned out to be detestable and inhumane, and many Africans were forced into tiny compartments and chained during the entire journey (Hodes, 2019). Slavery during this period in American history was associated with suffering for the Black Americans, and slaves had to devise ways to cope with the disastrous nature of slavery as a majority of them who defied orders were killed and maimed.

Consequently, with the discovery of the colonization concept in the quest for the Americans to acquire independence, the majority of the citizens were equipped with a voice of freedom in being known to the world as the center of the industrial revolution in American history. American government provided its citizens with a mandate to look for formal settlements in other countries in 1803 (Foner, 2017). Moreover, from chapter 12, it has been revealed that the relationship between Powhatan and Smith demonstrated the effects that the voice of freedom had guaranteed the Indians during this time. According to Foner (2017), the Indians in 1835, unlike the colonialists, took over extensive massive lands and used them by any means to hide their demands from the colonialist view and understanding. This made them realize development in their economy and religious sectors.

In addition, the Foner has illustrated that political liberty had a more significant impact on the inhabitants of the Indian nation, especially those living in Pennsylvania. Foner indicated that the freedom that Penn had established between 1783 to 1840 in this area provided the native Indians with both political and religious ideologies that they had been questing for a long time under the leadership of Powhatan (Foner, 2017). Chapter 12 also illustrates that the act of motivation on the significance of the white servants played a vital role in establishing the considerable milestone for the transatlantic slave trade. The author illustrates that freedom gave the citizens a voice of freedom as the law required the young white slaves to be treated equally as the African slaves. This supports my thesis as it led to a development in freedom acts by eliminating the slave trade.

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Additionally, Foner (2016) indicates that the majority of the Africans living in the United States were occasionally referred to as wanted objects and not humans by advertisers. Many advertisements made on specific days targeted the black Americans who were then humiliated and harassed by the colonialist. Foner (2017) indicates that many natives were denied rights to religion and were never allowed to establish their own beliefs. However, this later appeared as a common characteristic that has been mentioned in the article where they were never allowed to have an excellent religion that favored them. Nevertheless, the history of the United States was associated with various vital developments between 1783 to 1840 that spurred the revolution.

In conclusion, the paper has demonstrated that there were developments associated with religion, political liberty, colonization, slavery, and freedom in American history. In a review, it has been revealed that women living in the 16th century could not overcome the conditions they were living in their present times due to a lack of developments in American history’s freedom and liberty sectors. In addition, slavery was evidenced while most Americans were fighting the quest for political liberty and freedom to establish their religion in their prospective counties. Foner (2013) has presented a deeper analysis of these developmental plans while focusing on important characters in the struggle.


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