The Ethics of Abortion: Women's Rights | Free Essay Example

The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights

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Abortion Argument and the Counterargument

The argument about the legitimacy of abortion has been in existence for quite a while. The proponents of prohibiting abortions as a morally bankrupt concept are nowadays labeled as the pro-life movement, whereas their opponents are defined as the pro-choice one (Kaczor, 2014). Because of the sensitivity of the issue and the connection to not only healthcare but also culture and often religious beliefs, the subject matter has become an incredibly touchy issue. Though different arguments both in favor and against the phenomenon are mentioned, the pro-life one typically revolves around the idea of a fetus being entitled to the same rights as every other human being. The pro-choice proponents, in turn, claim that the right to life does not imply that a woman’s body must be used as the tool to sustain this life (Kaczor, 2014).

People and Sources Making This Claim

As a rule, religious beliefs affect people’s choices to a considerable degree when it comes to the abortion argument. Therefore, religious people constitute a significant part of the pro-life movement (Allen, 2014). Furthermore, the supporters of the concept of consistent life ethics also promote pro-life ideas (Allen, 2014).

Other Interested Parties for This Claim

Various political groups have also discussed the subject of abortion from a range of perspectives. As a rule, the parties that hold conservative viewpoints tend to consider abortion as a formidable phenomenon that needs to be eradicated, though there may be variations in the standpoints that different political figures take on the issue (Kaczor, 2014). Furthermore, healthcare organizations must be deemed as important players in the dispute about abortion. Though the dilemma is extremely difficult to resolve, it will hopefully be managed someday.


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