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The Impact of Climate Change on the United States

The year 2020 was challenging for the entire world due to the pandemic and the high number of deaths, as well as the economic disruptions it brought. Yet, there were also events related to climate, which in many instances also claimed the lives of numerous people. For instance, there were more than thirty individuals who died in the California Wildfires of 2020, and 48 thousand people were evacuated (Helsel, 2020). Evidence shows that over the past century, a significant accumulation of heat took place, which gave rise to climate change (Lindsey & Dahlman, 2021). Moreover, when assessing the phenomenon of climate change, it is important to understand what impact it has on the country.

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The first sphere that suffers from the consequences of climate change is the economy and, subsequently, the financial security of people. Since 1980, the United States has lost more than one trillion dollars due to climate and weather disasters, and every new decade entails more costs (NOAA National Centers, 2021). In other words, the country faces large expenses due to the extreme weather conditions which affect its different regions. Moreover, since climate disasters entail the destruction of infrastructure, many people lose their property and money, becoming poor simply overnight. Additionally, it can be assumed that if the current trend with the growing economic burden related to climate incidents continues, the country and its citizens will face even larger losses.

The next consequence of climate change is the loss of habitat for animal populations which risk facing disappearance due to extreme weather conditions. According to government agencies, the rising sea level caused by climate change is likely to cause flooding of thirty percent of the U.S. coastal habitat (“Wildlife,” n.d.). It is clear that such a massive impact is likely to affect numerous species that will be displaced from their traditional areas of living. Moreover, since animal populations will be forced to relocate elsewhere, there is a chance that many of them will not be able to adapt to new habitats.

Finally, apart from infrastructure and natural habitat, climate change also affects the health of people living in the United States. Climate change contributes to the health risks associated with various diseases, including diabetes, depression, obesity, and asthma, the incidence of which is projected to increase in the future (Balbus et al., 2016). Additionally, more intense heat during summer may trigger cardiovascular disease in people, which can develop as a result of stress related to high temperatures. People with disabilities which occurred due to extreme weather conditions can also be viewed as victims of climate change. Finally, events such as flooding or hurricanes also can injure people and even kill them.

Climate change is a serious issue faced by the United States, and it has various effects, including in the spheres of economy, animal habitat, and health of the population. Every decade extreme climate events cause massive damage to the U.S. infrastructure and property of citizens, which leads to billions of dollars in expenses. Climate change also causes the loss of habitat, for example, through flooding, which displaces species and forces them to go to other areas where they may not be able to adapt to new conditions. Finally, climate change negatively affects the health of people and contributes to the growing incidence of diseases such as diabetes and obesity.


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