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The Importance Role of Leadership in Nursing

Current Literature on Nursing Management and Leadership

The strategic planning is instrumental to improve the management and leadership of the organization to achieve the long-term goals of the organization by implementing on the specific strategies. There is a need of determining such organizational plans and strategies which determine the internal and external forces, needs, resources and information to compete with other current organizations. There is a need of strong managerial leadership of the healthcare center to identify the program requirements, achieving the goals of financial and marketing plans too (Sullivan and Decker, 2008). Nowadays, leadership is considered as a combination of the behavior, traits, and affectionate or devotional commitment.

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The appealing leadership is based on the personal traits and aptitudes of the leader how he follows the particular principles of management and leadership. Only those leaders are successful who may understand the problems, needs and performance of the employees by using different kinds of incentives via status quo maintenance. The most influential leaders motivate the followers to commit to the organizational mission and vision by showing excellent performance (Sullivan and Decker, 2008).

A successful leader is someone who employs all his interpersonal skills to persuade others to accomplish their specific tasks by integrating, facilitating, stimulating and initiating.

There are three categories of nursing management, upper, middle and first level according to their authoritative duties and skills. The main responsibility of the upper-level manager is to establish organizational plans and goals of nursing while the middle-level mangers monitor and communicate between upper-level managers and first-level managers, providing up-dated information about activities of the working units.

There is a need of supervision, administration to check the clinical unit of each level and discuss the roles of nursing staff. How all nurses are administered for clinical practice, ensuring the institutional compliance with the professional or governmental standard of health care. There should be cooperative and collaborative relationship among all kinds of managers and nursing staff (Sullivan, 2003).

Determining organizational plans and strategies to run rural health care center

As a manager of small rural hospital in northern part of Ontario, I have to determine some planning and strategies to run the whole system of the hospital in the best organizational manner in accordance with the aims of the board of the trustees and committee of the General hospital. The hospital has been constructed with the capacity of 60-beds to provide the health care services for the patients of all ages. There is no more good hospital or clinic within the rural area to serve the patients. I have to promote the mission statement of the hospital by providing every kind of facilities and services for the maintenance of health and well-being of the people in the specific rural area (Sullivan and Decker, 2008).

  • The manager of the rural health care center should develop a well-planned organization by analyzing the responsibility of every employee and determining the procedural policies of the organization.
  • As a nursing manager in any health care center, there is a need of providing every kind of facility to the hospital staffing members with cellular phones for use in emergency while being far away from hospital or travelling or in case of sickness or involvement in some other urgent work.
  • As a manager in the rural hospital, it is responsibility of the manager to provide all health care services to those people who can’t afford by timely attention and care to the patients. You should recruit nursing staff by evaluating their performance, their devotion and passion to serve the patients at any cost.
  • The nurses should have specific knowledge of the geographical background of the rural area where the health care center is situated. If the hospital has 60-bed designation to treat the patients, it depends upon the manager how he provides the health services to all patients and what should be number of nurses to be employed here.
  • Always try to employ extra number of nurses in the hospital as if some are absent, there would be no headache to manage the duties of absent nurses or lack of nursing staffing in case when someone are sick or some other urgent work (Working with humanitarian organizations, 2008).

As a manager in the rural hospital, I have to use my own managerial decisive power in the case of emergency, when two nurses are sick and unable to attend the hospital according to the weekend schedule. I try to call casual staff to perform their duties as these both nurses are expected to be absent for the next three shifts. But nobody is available to work at the weekend, and then I shall have to call some nursing staff from the general hospital in an urban area, near to this rural place.

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I shall have to call the ministry of health to provide extra staff of nursing for few days to serve the patients in the country. In this way I can manage and solve the problematic issue of my rural hospital without wasting time in calling or convincing the casual staff or sick nurses to come to do their jobs, I shall have to manage outsourcing staff in the case of urgency by using my authoritative resources.

Leadership qualities determine those traits and characteristics of a person that will make him to lead people, an organization and/or a business. Leadership qualities may vary according to the situations, organizations and tasks. There are different leadership models and their qualities depend on the context of the environment they need to work in.

One of the most important leadership qualities is that a leader is always determined, persuasive and work for their best. It is well understood by them that there is always a room for improvement. Excellence is what they want to achieve and whatever they do. They have a strong desire to do their best and perform outstandingly. The workforce they create is organized, unified, disciplined, cooperative and very productive. They keep setting new standards and carve new ways to improve and bring change.

A very important aspect of leadership is that leader always makes others feel honored and valued. He never makes them feel bad for their mistakes, or criticizes them. Instead he is always an example for his employee and p lays a role model for them..

Leader always work for others and willing to serve them. Doing this he never feels inferior or secondary. Serving others gains respect. Helping out others gain their respect and admiration. Employees make the workforce of an organization; failing to motivate them and help them could result in failure of an organization on the whole.

Leader always take interest in his staff members and always listen to them and their suggestions. Leaders not only lead the organizations but manage them to their highest level to obtain best results.


Sullivan and Decker, Eleanor J. Phillip J. Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing, Sixth Edition, and Copyright © 1995 – 2008, Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Prentice Hall. Web.

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