Impact of Technology on the Healthcare System


Over the past ten year there has been a drastic change within the health care set up a factor that has greatly influenced the trend within the health care setup. The increment in the use of technology has greatly contributed to the immense changes and influences in the patient’s health and ensuring that all the patients’ health is maintained. in terms of the changes in the technology and th4e diagnostic techniques the use of advanced equipment in the checking of the conditions that the patients have has been of greatest impact owing to its increased nature in ensuring that their recovery in all the patien6ts that are receiving medication.

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This has greatly impacted in the changes within the health care sector over the pastrvb10 years. In this case the improvements in the computer generation has been involved where the treated and the diagnosis of the various diseases are well managed by the use of the services (Clegg &Sparrow, 2007). Technology change has resulted to the increment in the remote diagnosis and the monitoring of divers links that can be attributed to the settings within the hospitals. It is evidence that there has been a tremendous saving of the life owing to the implementation of the computer technologies that are able to resuscitate the patients on the conditions.

On the other hand there have been changes that have occurred as a result of the shifts of the hospitals that are acute to the primary care and other new recovery centers aspect that gave eases the delivery of the services to the patient who is in desire need of the stipulated medication and treatments. The introduction of primary care has offered easy access of the medical services to the patients and the communities therefore reducing the overall gap that existed in the health care system where the patients had to be attended to on the existing hospitals that were intact.

The implementation of day surgery has also impact on the changes through the implementation of the minimal invasive techniques that are entirely making greater changes in the health care practices. This aspect involves the distribution of the various service to the specialized primary care professionals who intern relay the same services to the patients therefore making this services closer to the homes of the patients

Impact on healthcare

The resultant impact of technology has been felt tremendously in all the medical field this in essence has contribute to the cure of advanced diseases such as cancer through chemotherapy and the monitoring of the patients ongoing process with proper accuracy. The efficiency of the delivery of services in the health care system has greatly improved.

Technology has raised the level of nursing in the general contest in that it has improved the effectiveness in the performance and the issuance of direct services to the patients. With also advanced technology, the nursing sector has had a motivation effect such that it is able to focus on the delivery of the services with an aim of maintaining good health to the patients. on the other hand the incorporation of technology has paused a great challenge to the performance of the nursing sector in that the performances and evaluation of their work is based on their comparison with the computer’s effect i.e. their competency is compared to how effective technology has advanced and in this case without the right materials one risk of loosing the job.

The challenges in this case entail the understanding of the newly incorporated tools in the health care system in that the advancement of the new system will have to entail and also measuring the patient’s that are sensitive with the tool in hand. therefore in this case technology acts as a hindrance since most of the nursing professionals will have to undergo through intense pressure in trying to understand what the new advance tool entail before tackling the overall process.

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Document how these changes have enhanced or hindered professional nursing practice as well as the image of the profession. Provide specific examples.

The image of nursing has been hindered owing to the fact that the attainment of the overall objectives that are entailed by the trends cannot be effectively met in the nursing profession therefore this ends up reducing the moral of most of the practitioners in the filed. One of the main objectives of nursing is the provision of effective health care service to the patients so as to enable them regain health and have a good living lifestyle. But this aspect cannot be met on the event that the evaluation of the nurses is based on competency and that their are divisions which might arise according to the level of proficiency (Duker & Willinge,1991).

The image of nursing has also been considered as incompetent5 owing to the trends that resulted to the drastic change within the last ten years.

There is a great difference in the areas that concerned the health care in that primary care cannot be in the same level as the provision of the services at the hospitals. The trends in the past 10 years resulted to the minimization of this concept in the nursing profession.

Provide two to three specific examples of how these trends have influenced your professional career.

In my pursuance of this program I focused on it since I consider my profession as the same as a registered nurse whose major work is to provide the same anaesthesia services as an anesthesiologist after completing an extensive education and training. In this program my main interest focuses Anesthesia as a state in which a patient experiences no pain in their body and ranges from blockage of the sensation of one small part of body leading to total unconsciousness. It seen whenever a person has gone for surgery and some kind of anesthesia is performed to allow the surgeon do surgery painlessly. The definition of this program has a great impact in my future goals in the attainment of a healthy society.

This nursing program has been an important aspect I my life since time immemorial; the feeling came to me one day as I saw a patient refusing to come back to life after anesthesia was performed on him. The patient looked calm but the pain his family went through gave me an inspiration to take the course to try and help if need be a situation like that. In the attainment of this care program the changes facing the past ten years are overall affecting the sector.

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An example of the hindrance that has been attributed to this trend can be observed in the case of the long term care provision in the case of long term health care. The are serious problems that have emerged after the incorporation of the new trend for example the staffing issues. By basing on another example the threats by the nursing care provider to go on strike is usually attributed to the fact that the changes in the system has to be promoted this. The act of striking portrays how the conditions that the nurses are passed always experiencing the urge to down their tools of work.

I have a three year acute nursing experience since I have been working in a government provincial hospital. In this case I am unable to totally advance to the other level to increase my profession owing to the fact that I lack some importance credentials which were not stipulated earlier. This aspect poses a great hindrance to the advancement of my profession.

It has also been my interest to study anatomy, human physiology, the human pathophysiology, chemistry and pharmacology hoping that one day I may study them further and be able to apply the facts on sick. The other fact is that I am a studious person who studies with an aim and my aim in this case will be to pass the course within the stipulated board of exam pass marks in the institution.

In this program I ought to nursing accomplish my overall objective and goals of maintaining a well and equitable performance in ensuring that the health status of the patient that I will be treating are in the capable hands (Levenson, 1993). To ascertain this I will ensure that I perfect all the duties that I am accorded with relevance to the ethical conduct of the profession and also due to what I experienced as a young person, seeing one die in front of a doctor will make me avoid negligence and be straight forward.

On the other hand my accomplishment will be of great success in the event that I manage to totally teach my other trained nurses in this field on how to tackle the patient that are in a state of coma and ensure that the overall aim is achieved (Lynn, 2003). The degree will also enable me to venture into other fields like nutrition therapy where I will be able to take care of the patient that are on comma and at the same time formulate relevant nutritional balance so as to maintain a mutual interaction of the drugs and foods in their body while at that state.

The degree will also be important since I will be able to foster the participation of various nursing sectors in the management of the patient that may be in this state.


Nurses act as Managers by demonstrating an ability to communicate efficiently, make use of critical thinking skills, organizes cost-effective care, and gives case management. However the nurse manager delegates care, directs and guides others, and teams up with interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary health care teams. Provider, The nurse provider puts together the skill of caring and the science of nursing to meet the holistic requirements of persons, families and societies through collaboration with other health professionals.

All in all this concept may not be attuned since i have many hindrances as a result of the new introduced system that seeks to advocate on the incorporation of the knowledge in all the fields of nursing without specialization. on the other hand in order to embrace the overall concept of performance and the evaluation , specific measure has to be taken such that instead of the overall generalization of the nurses as a whole , they ought to be distinguished in accordance to the type of specificity or area of work that one suits.

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