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The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit


Holly Spirit is part of what the Bible calls the Holy trinity. It comprises of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ the Son of God and God himself. The Bible says that the Holly trinity is one but they act in different forms because of the different activities they perform. The Holy Spirit was brought down to earth the day Jesus finished his work on earth and had gone to Heaven. Jesus himself promised his disciples that he will send them a helper only if they believe in the word of God. The Holy Spirit then came down and guided the disciples through the desired path that God wants. In an actual sense, there is no sensible evidence in man that show the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, it is through the belief in God that one can feel his presence but cannot explain what one feels.

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In Dwelling of the Holy Spirit

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, therefore, are the guidelines that the holy spirit gives a man in order to follow the right path of God, or to understand the word that is in the bible. When we want to understand indwelling, we should first of all understand and know the Holy Trinity. Man is not yet in a position to know how to separate The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Because in the bible we are told that they are one and the same. But if the Spirit was just one aspect of a single being, there would be no need to cite three sources of authority! And if they are one, why is there a creation of difference when God brought down The Holy Spirit at the time Jesus his son was being baptized.

God called part of his trinity ‘son’ so that he could show man how to live on earth and to explain further one on one what the word is all about. Man has known that there is a supreme being that exists thus it has made it useful for them to survive on earth. In the same case after Jesus had gone back to heaven, there had to be the presence of God in an unseen form to seal the connection that man has with God. It is this unseen form that if one has or possesses, they will walk in the truth of the word of God and will be able to understand further his work.

In the process of possessing the Holy Spirit, man will act as a light to fellow men since God in his spirit form gives and provides them with his light and truth. In mentioning the trinity, they are given different names because of the different things they seem to be doing. The indwelling of the holly spirit came into man after it was sent down by Jesus. Jesus talked to his disciples and told them that they should go around the world making man disciples take the word to all the nations. He told them to baptize people in the name of The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit. Even though Jesus said this, in actual sense there is one body and one Spirit like we were called in one hope of calling; one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. God is Supreme because he is the Father of all. He is through all and is in everybody in the form of Holly spirit.

Dwelling means abiding in love for oneself and others. This is used in encouraging Christians to live peacefully with their neighbors. It is stressed by the fact that we have known and we believe in the love that God has for us. In the bible it is said that God is love, and therefore those who abide in love will abide in The Lord and God will abide in them too (I John 4:16). Indwelling in this case is the life that a person has for others including his enemies. A person with the spirit of God will find it easy to love others because of the right direction given to him or her by the spirit of God. Indwelling will therefore make the homes we stay to be full of love. Therefore humans will stay in love when they stay in God and God in the end will stay in them inform of his spirit.

Taking the example of Moses during the time of the Israelites, we are experiencing the power of God through showing Moses the direction that they need to follow. God himself promises him that he is going to give him a helper to help him during his communication with the Israelites. Moses was told by God that his presence (the Lord) shall go with him everywhere and that he will be given rest. Holly spirit at times controls human because all the ideas they give or the characters they possess is an exact replica of the word.

Jesus later in the New Testament promises to be with the people who gather in His name and he said that for where two or three are gathered together in the name of God He will be there in the midst of them to provide them with the answers of difficult questions and to help them in understanding one another as they gather to praise the name of the Lord. In the process, the indwelling of the holy spirit is brought out to mean God controlling man and knowing everything that they do. God will search for a man since he knows them. He knows when man sits down or when he stands up. God understands what man thinks a afar off. He will comprehend his (man’s) path in time of lying down or getting up. He is acquainted with man’s ways because there is no ward in human tongue that He is not familiar with.

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When Jesus had been just been baptized, He arose from the water and then the heavens above opened up and then he saw the Spirit of the Lord coming down to him like a dove. And then abruptly a voice of the Lord was heard from the skies saying that came Christ was His beloved child in whom the Lord said was pleased about (Matthew 3:16-17). When Jesus came out of the water during his baptism, the Holy Spirit came down from the sky like a dove and the voice of God spoke from heaven declaring that Jesus is His Son.

The story about Ananias will show in detail how god knows how we think and is there when we tell lies to fellow men. He Ananias sold the piece of land and we can denote from the writings of the holy book that the Spirit is deity. When Ananias thought to bring himself glory by selling a piece of land and giving the proceeds to the church, he kept part of the money for his personal use and told everyone that the remainder which he gave was the full price that he received for his land.

The Holy spirit exposed to the disciples of Jesus called Peter what had occurred of Ananias, then peter spoke out and said to Ananias that the devil had tricked him to cheat before the eyes of the Holy Spirit. Peter accused Ananias of telling lies to the Holy Spirit and concluded that Ananias had lied to God too. Peter viewed the Holy Spirit as deity. The Holy Spirit is God and that is why they all are mentioned in everyday prayers that Jesus left us.

Dwelling as has had been said, involves becoming one with the holy spirit since an individual has accepted the word of God and is living in Christ. The Holy Spirit is therefore in him to help guide him in all that the individual is doing and all he is going to face in life. The Word of God is the Gospel and it is the power of God unto our salvation and it is by word of God that we the human being are brought forth and by obedience to the truth makes our souls be purified by God. The holy spirit dwells in an individual’s body as well as in the body of an apostle, but it may not be in the same measure or manifestation because human Saul is different.

The Spirit possesses the attribute of being omnipresent in characteristic of divinity and is therefore divine. Indwelling of the holy Spirit in man comes at the moment when man has repented his sins and has been given baptism. They will be forgiven and that is when the spirit will dwell in them to help in guiding them into the truth and that is why Peter says in Acts that after baptism you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit as seen after Jesus’ own baptism.

In the process of redemption, after conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit, He (Holly Spirit) draws the human soul to Christ bringing them to salvation, in the process man will impart faith as a gift of the Holy Spirit. Human faith allows the soul to see what they are guilty including their sin and therefore turn from sin (repentance). This process is at the time we ask God for the forgiveness of our sins. We are forgiven through the blood of Christ who died on the cross. Thus the sins of the repentant sinner were paid for on the cross by Jesus. After repenting man is then declared justified before God. This should be on account of Christ. Holy Spirit then enters the new believer of God. The soul thus will be a new creation before God, born again and justified to serve in Christ.

Galatians say that when a person is led by the Holy Spirit, their lives produce “fruits”. These fruits are what God requires. Fruit however is not produced by some miracle, mystical or unexplainable influence of the Spirit, but by the influence of God.

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In the book of John, it is said that when a person abides in Jesus like branches are normally in the vine of a tree, the person will bear fruits. This will happen to us if we let Jesus’ word into us working with it and keeping His commandments. When the Holy Spirit is allowed in the man’s life, it will be because the man lives by the rules or guidelines that Jesus lived by, it will be as though God were dwelling in the man’s life in the form of a spirit.

This can have a further explanation similar to when we term a child’s actions being similar to those of his or her parents, people will say that they are very sure to notice his Daddy or the mother in him or her. A person named Paul Overstreet composed a song called “I’m seeing’ My Father in Me.” This gives us a conclusion that when we fellowship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, letting their word perform actions in our lives and we obey it, then we will bear the fruits of what they teach in us. Everybody will now say that they can see God in the person or they can claim to have been noticing the Holly Spirit in the person.

When someone says that Lord Is in fellowship within him or her in the process of obeying His word, God will influence them by His word producing his fruits in them by His words from the bible. Nobody would object to that? Nobody will also claim that when they have the Father dwelling in them, it will involve things that are more than what the individual will show? If it does not why then should we not develop a conclusion that this is the way in which the Spirit of God dwells in us? Many will say that the Holy Spirit indwells in man through Gods’ word. I disagree not with that, but what I have attempted to show is full and more detailed analysis.


For the Lord, the Holy Spirit and Jesus to reside inside you, an individual should believe and be obedient to what the spirit wants so as for his or her sins to be washed away, and then you must remain faithful to the word. To be forgiven you must hear the gospel repent, believe and confess to Christ, and be baptized in water Just like it was done to Jesus and then you must continue serving God faithfully. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is a phenomenon that everyone has the capability of experiencing however an individual should keep close relationship with the almighty.


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