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Christianity Framework: Personal Evaluation


Studying and comparing religions is a sensitive task that requires a specific approach when doing so. This approach generally implies that a neutral position will be maintained throughout the study in order to exclude bias toward a particular religion. In light of the aforementioned statement, “A Framework for Understanding and Comparing Religious Worldviews” was used in this course as a guideline upon which religions would be compared. This paper is an evaluation of this framework along with brief analysis of Christianity which was chosen as referent religion for this framework.

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As a comparison criterion the framework might be missing a definite vision of God as a creator. In that sense, if comparing only Abrahamic religions these criteria might be omitted as mostly the visions and perceptions are similar. However, taking into consideration other world religions which are no less popular, especially in certain parts of the globe such as Hinduism and Buddhism such criteria might be useful. Another criterion for understanding religions that could be added is the basic faith practices where some essentials of spiritual and physical practices could be explained in terms of their ideology and purposes. For example, if studying Christianity such practices might be prayers and Church procedures that are unique to Christianity, as “religion scholars are moving toward area studies, which eschew comparison in favor of what is distinct or unique in any ethnocultural configuration called religion”(Idinopulos, 1998).

Addressing the topics that could be omitted, the initial purpose of such choice could lie either in the fact that the topic is assumingly has an extensive explanation only regarding specific religion or in the possibility for a better replacement. The criterion chosen for removal can be considered “What Is the Nature of Reality?” This topic is too vague to be considered as a point of distinction or uniqueness and at the same time if used as a study of the religion, the analysis under this topic could be too abstract to address and require specific knowledge to fill in. In that sense, such topic can be criticized as establishing a prototype of addressing religions, where it is similar to “looking at a religion, describing its main features, and then generalizing from these to establish a definition of what one would expect other religions to possess.”Studying Religion, 2008).

The essentials to which one must adhere in order to be considered a Christian based on the framework are the following:

  • The acknowledgement of triune God as a creator of universe, giver and sustainer of life.
  • The acknowledgement of the scripture and its authority as a source of God’s revelations.
  • The acknowledgement that Jesus was sent to save the humanity and as a sacrifice died for it and rose from the dead.

In addition, several points could be added such as the acknowledgement that “man is a physical and spiritual being who is created in God’s image” and the recognition of the church as “God’s ordained institution headed by Christ” (Christian Research Institute, 2008)ю


The means for transformation is a topic that could be applied to different religions. Transformation in Christianity is by accepting Jesus as God which can be shown through faith. Thus, transformation can be demonstrated by showing acceptance and faith through good works.


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