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The Insides of Ayurvedic Medicine


The video introduced by Palfreman Film Group about the insides of ayurvedic medicine discusses the peculiarities of one of the existing alternative types of medicine that can be offered to people. Though ayurveda comes from India, it is practiced in many countries today. This video helps to comprehend that ayurveda may not be the best option for people to recover from any disease they have, but it can inspire and provide people with a hope that everything can be better than it is now, and their health can be improved.

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Critique of the Video

Lessons from the Video

In fact, before watching the video, I knew a little about ayurvedic medicine: just several brief facts that it is one of the recognized alternative types of medicine, and that is practiced in India. The video shows the peculiarities of ayurvedic medicine, demonstrates how different the attitudes of people to this way of treatment can be, and proves that alternative medicine has its own goals and effects on a human organism.

It is possible to guess that Indian alternative medicine could be connected with religion. Still, my personal expectations were not similar to the facts introduced in the video. One of the goals defined by ayurvedic medicine is the necessity to pray and make sure that the gods are on the patient’s side (Palfreman Film Group, 2008). It is not enough to visit a temple and pray. It is more important to demonstrate personal openness to the chosen treatment and the beliefs that everything could be changed. Religion and medicine go side by side in ayurveda. Even the video proves that those people, who do not believe in the importance of moral and religious purification before treatment, change their opinions in a short period of time as soon as they observe and experience the process of treatment.

Another important lesson that is learned from the video is connected with the conditions and rules according to which people have to live. There are three vital forces that control a human life: vata, pitta, and kapha (Palfreman Film Group, 2008). In case these forces are in balance, a person has good health. In case some of them prevail, they influence the work of another force. Ayurveda focuses on finding out the balance.

One of the points is the necessity to eat bland food. From the very beginning, it seemed like the outcomes of T.R. Reid’s (the reporter, researcher, and patient in the documentary film) treatment could not be successful indeed because this person did not want to accept the offered alternative medicine as it is required. He continued breaking some eating taboos (in order to enjoy the Indian culture and its diversity), shaved from time to time, and followed the rules just in order to meet the requirements but not because he wanted to believe in the power of ayurveda.

Finally, the video under analysis teaches people about the importance of healing. Many people are eager to visit India and try ayurveda in order to find a cure. They cannot even guess that if they want to get well, they have to be healed at the end but not just cured. Healing is more profound than curing (Palfreman Film Group, 2008), and the doctors try to help their patients comprehend this truth.

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In fact, I cannot identify myself as a person, who believes a lot in the power of alternative medicine. Still, I think that such alternatives as ayurveda could be rather helpful in several ways. There are two main changes I could observe in my views in regards to ayurveda as well as to other types of untraditional medicine.

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First, I think that despite the varieties of medicines and treatments offered to people, all of them are focused on two main things: healthy food and medications. Though ayurveda is a kind of natural medicine that unites a person with their religious, natural, and emotional origins, it is based on prayers (the beginning of the treatment, a kind of rehabilitation), massages and herbs (one of the forms of drugs and treatment offered), and the use of bland food (a diet to follow). Therefore, my view about the evident differences between traditional and alternative medicine was changed a bit.

Another achievement was connected to the fact that sometimes the idea of “longer but safe” is more effective than “fast but unclear”. Ayurveda may be not the best option for people with cancer or another serious disease. Still, it may be an answer to a number of questions, and a hope people are usually in need of.


In general, nowadays, there are many different attitudes to alternative medicine. Some people cannot help but wonder what makes it so special and effective. Some people feel doubts concerning the effectiveness of the chosen treatment. Many people remain to be indifferent to the opportunities that can be available with the help of alternative medicine.

The story of Mr. Reid helps to comprehend that ayurveda is a chance for many people to believe that treatment of their health problems is possible. The only thing that is required is a patient’s personal belief in the power of what is offered.


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