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Second Opinion with T. R. Reid: Inside Ayurvedic Medicine

Lessons from the Video

The video “Second Opinion with T. R. Reid: Inside Ayurvedic Medicine” gives a critical analysis of Ayurvedic medicine. After Reid’s surgeon in Denver suggested that his shoulder should be replaced using surgery, he decided to pursue other medical options in India. The most outstanding lesson from this video is that some traditional medical beliefs and systems can still play a significant role towards improving the health outcomes of many people.

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The documentary gives a detailed analysis of Reid’s stay in India (Infobase, 2010). The country is still dedicated to the traditional medical system of Ayurveda. This traditional Hindu medicine is characterized by massages, brews, mudpacks, entreaties to different Hindu gods, and caustic eye-drops.

According to the video, Reid is eventually forced to waver between nonchalance and skepticism (Infobase, 2010). Despite this skepticism, it emerges that Reid records some improvements after embracing the traditional medical system. The video presents a new way of thinking regarding the issue of Ayurveda. Such traditional medical systems have the potential to produce positive results and improve the health outcomes of many patients.

The traditional approach has also remained unchanged over the past centuries. The medical system also appears to be less invasive and at the same time beneficial. This new way of treatment can be used in an attempt to produce better health outcomes (Garodia, Ichikawa, Malani, Sethi, & Aggarwal, 2007). The narrator of the video also shows clearly that Western medical science has been characterized by numerous limitations. The best thing is to reconsider the benefits of these traditional approaches and medical practices. Such practices can present new solutions to the major health problems affecting humankind today.

My New Views about Ayurvedic Medicine

The story of Reid presents new ideas and views regarding the use of Ayurvedic medicine. I have always believed that traditional medical approaches are dangerous and inappropriate towards addressing various health problems. I have also associated such methods with medical errors and health complications. This fact explains I have always ignored some of the traditional medicinal practices such as the use of Ayurvedic medicine.

I was not aware of Ayurvedic medicine before. However, the video has transformed my views about traditional medicine. The use of Ayurvedic medicine appears to be the best alternative compared to the replacement therapy suggested by Reid’s surgeon. This is the case because the therapy is less invasive and effective (Ayurvedic medicine, 2016). Reid discovered some improvements despite his skepticism. The documentary has also indicated clearly that the use of massages, brews, and mudpacks can produce positive health results. When used effectively, Ayurvedic medicine can produce positive health outcomes and support the changing needs of many people in different parts of the world (Garodia et al., 2007).

The video encourages surgeons and medical practitioners to use evidence-based ideas and practices. This knowledge will encourage them to explore new options that can tackle a wide range of health problems. The documentary also encouraged me to undertake new studies in order to understand the benefits of various traditional medicines. One of the outstanding aspects of Ayurvedic medicine is the concept of spirituality.

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This approach has the potential to support a patient’s healing process. Medical practitioners can therefore consider the concept in order to improve the health outcomes of their patients. As well, the treatment method presents a number of special diets, herbal compounds, and health practices that have the potential to improve the health outcomes of more patients. The use of Ayurvedic medicine has also been characterized with skepticism and uncertainty.

The video encourages more researchers to undertake new studies in order to outline the major benefits associated with Ayurveda. Such scholars should also identify the best practices that can be used by modern medical professionals (Garodia et al., 2007). It is acknowledgeable that modern scientists and health practitioners can combine various health practices to provide quality care to their patients with diverse needs. It is the right time to explore the benefits of some of these traditional health practices and systems. By so doing, more people will be able to receive timely and adequate health care.


The above discussion shows clearly that Ayurvedic medicine can be used to treat various diseases and conditions. Studies have indicated that this medical system can address various health conditions. However, every person should be aware of the fact that the medicine contains various products such as metal compounds that can be harmful. That being the case, individuals and patients planning to use such products should follow the directions provided by trained practitioners. New researches will also be needed in order to ensure the health benefits of Ayurvedic medicine are clearly understood (Ayurvedic medicine, 2016).

This understanding will improve the health conditions of many patients with diverse needs. Such studies will also outline the major challenges and health implications associated with this ancient medical system. Scientists should undertake numerous studies in order to present evidence-based treatment and healthcare regimes (Ayurvedic medicine, 2016). The important thing is to ensure every patient receives effective and desirable treatment.

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