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The Issue of Global Warming

Global warming is a serious environmental problem that results from the rising of global temperatures, causing the earth to heat up, leading to climate changes. Temperature changes in the world are attributed to external forces some of which are natural such as volcano eruptions, which lead to the cooling of the planet as the particles emitted into the atmosphere reflect the sunlight. Recently, global warming which has been blamed for the erratic climate changes in different parts of the world has been attributed to the increased emission of greenhouse gases resulting from human activities. Industrialization and environmental pollution have been blamed for the increase in these gases that trap atmospheric heat causing a rise in global temperatures (Taylor, 2009).

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Global warming is an important issue to investigate because it is causing so many detrimental effects on both animals and plant life. Rises in sea level, resulting from the melting of glaciers have led to flooding in many areas and are blamed solely on global warming. Extreme high temperatures during summer and dry weather have been associated with the rise in global temperatures, resulting from global warming. The continued rise in global temperatures is predicted to cause the extinction of some plants and animal species in the future, making it a very essential environmental problem. If global warming causes all these hazardous environmental issues, then intense investigations must be carried out so that mitigation measures can be put into place to avert it.

Secondly, there are skeptical arguments that the issue of global warming has been blown out of proportion by environmental groups and that climate change is a natural occurrence, with human activities contributing very little to the global temperature rise. Such arguments are supported by a lack of sufficient scientific evidence that can prove that the current global warming is not just a natural phenomenon (Taylor, 2009). A statement that is commonly used stating that greenhouse gases emanating human activities are responsible for climate change is vague since it does not give any quantitative value of by what percentage (for example by 20 or 50 percent) the activities contribute to climate change (Taylor, 2009). Lack of scientific evidence in form of quantitative data to support global warming has made it impossible to make future predictions of the scope of warming. Apart from this, reports from oceanographers from 2006 to 2007 have shown that there is a global cooling in the oceans, which conflicts with earlier assertions in 1961 that predicted a continued rise in the sea levels due to temperature rises (Taylor, 2009). In conclusion, investigating the issue of global warming keenly would increase the understanding of whether it is a naturally occurring phenomenon or one that has been caused by human activities, as well as gather scientific evidence that can support this issue (Taylor, 2009).


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