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Global Awareness of Environmental and Moral Issues


Global awareness entails the aspect of making people, society, have an understanding of various life issues that is based on knowledge of global perspectives. It encompasses factors that affect the world at large rather than a specific nation for instance economic, social, cultural, political as well as environmental-related aspects (Clark 2002). This piece of work looks into the aspect of societal and global awareness with much emphasis being given to three areas namely; climate change and agriculture, personal ethics, and Greenpeace.

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Climate Change and Agriculture

Agriculture is a very critical aspect part of the economy in any given county. It contributes a lot in terms of production for local consumption as well as for export which creates foreign revenue to a nation. It is however affected by various factors the major one being the climatic change. Most agricultural practices depend on natural aspects such as rainfall and hence climate-related changes may affect it either positively or negatively.

With the advent of various aspects like globalization and industrialization, there have been some notable climatic changes that have been brought about by concepts like pollution which interferes with the composition of the air for instance destruction of the ozone layer, the composition of the soils as well as water. Deforestation is also another aspect that has affected the environment negatively leading to deteriorating climatic conditions like inadequate rainfall and increased temperatures.

With an increased population in different parts of the world, there is increased competition for scarce natural resources like minerals, forests, and land which has led to overexploitation that has, in turn, led to poor climate. Increased temperatures brought about by global warming have also had negative effects on agriculture and various crops are not able to withstand the climate changes hence leading to poor yields. The poor climate has affected agriculture negatively and there is a threat of people having to suffer from this issue.

Global awareness in regard to climate change and its influence on agriculture is therefore a significant aspect that should be emphasized among different nations and communities. As stated earlier, agriculture is the main source of food which is a basic need and should therefore be safeguarded under all circumstances. Creating awareness on this issue will help ensure that food production is not threatened especially bearing in mind, the fact that the population in various parts of the world is increasing day by day hence necessitating the production of larger amounts of produce in the agricultural sector to cater for the people in terms of food (Noddings and Boston Research Center for the 21st Century 2005).

Some of the issues that should be tackled in the societal global awareness process in regard to climate change and agriculture include the threats or challenges faced in the field of agriculture. They include the fact that the available food systems should always ensure that there is a sufficient supply of food for all populations and that the food systems should put into consideration the climatic changes including the regional inequalities and take necessary measures to curb this issue.

It is also necessary that the responsible bodies as well as the general public understand the means that could be adhered to, to ensure the food systems are able to effectively deal with the effects associated with climate change on the general field of agriculture. Due to climate changes, people have adopted measures like greenhouses which have got both benefits and drawbacks and there should be global awareness in regard to this to ensure that people take necessary steps (Anonymous 2011).

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Personal Ethics

Personal ethics can be defined as the generally accepted principles that govern the behavior of individuals in regard to what is considered to be right and wrong. Personal ethics entails aspects of morality and values for instance the behavior of an individual when faced with a difficult situation. The basic principles that underlie the aspect of personal ethics include the consideration of truth versus loyalty, short-term versus long-term consequences, maintenance of justice versus mercy as well as the consideration of individual well being versus community well being.

According to Roskoski (2010), personal ethics include aspects like identification where they guide one’s behavior through reasoning and giving a chance to the interests of all the individuals affected by certain behavior. An ethical person should consider ethical principles that govern a certain situation while at the same time looking into how the particular principles may interfere with justice. For any decision made, some considerations must be looked into to ensure that the final course of action taken is the best in regard to the consequences involved. A particular action should result in the greatest possible benefits to the greatest number of people in any given situation.

Although there exist various laws, rules, and regulations that guide individuals’ behavior, the aspect of ethics still remains personal since there are usually no clearly stipulated moral principles that are supposed to determine what is right or wrong and the decision still remains personal. People around the world should be made to understand the concept of ethics especially the benefits accrued to it in an effort to ensure that the world becomes a better place to live in.

When people adhere to ethical issues that govern various practices and activities, negative attributes in the society for instance injustice, violence, and crime, corruption, and disregard for human life are likely to be eliminated hence making the world a better place. Equality is enhanced by maintaining ethics and morals since every action is taken aims at ensuring satisfaction to as many people affected by the decision as possible without any form of discrimination (Zanker 1996).

Personal ethics is a very crucial element to all individuals and hence it is an aspect that should be advocated for under all costs due to the benefits associated with it. They are very helpful in guiding the action to be taken especially where there exist some difficulties thus avoiding making mistakes that could cost a lot. Other benefits linked with the maintenance of personal ethics in all undertakings is that ethics act as a system that helps an individual to conform to reality rather than dwelling on personal interests that could only be short term, ethics can be applied at any given time to solve a problem without necessitating the use of force and they offer a way of living which is at per with the society and the acceptable code of behavior.

Personal ethics also offers a point of reference in deciding what is good or bad and is designed in accordance with our own personal and changing circumstances making them an important life tool. Although it requires personal decisions to choose either right or wrong it is a positive aspect to advocate for personal ethics as they make an individual acceptable in the community, the nation as well as globally (Streeter 1977).


Greenpeace is a well-known movement and organization (non-governmental) operating in various nations in the world. It has been able to be independent by avoiding any form of support in the form of donations from the governments but rather depending on well-wishers and grants from private foundations. As an organization, its main aim is to ensure that the ability of the earth to nurture various forms of life (plants and animals) is not interfered with in any manner especially through human activities.

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It advocates for the maintenance of the environment to the best possible status that enhances the growth and development of all living organisms including both flora and fauna. Greenpeace revolves around aspects such as deforestation which entails cutting of trees, global warming which is caused by adverse climatic conditions which lead to increased temperatures, and anti-nuclear aspects among others in an effort to make the earth a better place for all living organisms.

Some of the strategies utilized by this organization to achieve its goals and objectives include carrying out research studies to gather significant information that could be applicable in maintaining the earth in a good status, direct action that entails approaching responsible agencies as well as individuals in the society as well as lobbying (Weyler 2004).

Greenpeace is a very effective tool for creating global awareness among individuals and it has been successful in its operations. It operates under the principle of changing people’s attitudes and behavior towards the environment so that they can have the will to protect the environment voluntarily without the use of force or application of any form of rules and regulations.

It advocates for the protection of oceans through avoidance of issues like exploitative fishing, protecting the world’s natural forests including all living organisms that depend on them, advocating for peace in various parts of the world through dealing with the issue of nuclear weapons, preventing any form of toxication through the control of chemicals and substances used in the production and manufacturing industry, as well as dealing with the issue of climate change among other aspects (Ostopowich 2003).

Greenpeace has been recognized as the most vigorous and effective environmental organization in the world due to its participation in societal and global awareness strategies regarding the importance of conserving the environment. This has been achieved mainly through direct actions. It has established its movements in approximately 40 countries in different continents including Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and the Pacific making its work to be greatly significant worldwide.

Although it’s the main goal is positive and it has been able to achieve much in regard to safeguarding the environment for the sake of the survival of the current living organisms as well as the future generations, it has not been without some criticism. Its utilization of direct action to perpetuate its activities has been received with a lot of controversies to an extent of legal actions being taken against it. All in all, Greenpeace is an organization that has been able to achieve what most organization may not be able to achieve and its contribution towards environmental conservation is evident and cannot be underemphasized

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