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Smartphone Technology in the Society


The use of smartphones is recognized in all parts of the world. Smartphones have been advanced to higher levels due to microservices architecture that has taken the artificial intelligence field. With a smartphone, communication can be efficient and simultaneous. Nowadays phones are being used to work in various fields, on academic grounds, research among other aspects. Smartphones have contributed to the negative and positive impacts of technology (Demirbilek et al., 2017). For instance, there has been online scamming where people who use smartphones inappropriately have been victims. On a positive note, smartphones adhere to cloud software where individuals can have digital experiences such as mobile banking, directions, and entertainment platforms among others

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Origin of Smartphone Technology

Smartphones came to exist in the 1990s after an engineer named Frank Canova realized that technology that applied chip-and-wireless intelligence would be sued in portable and handheld devices. With this knowledge, the engineer enabled the making of the smartphone by applying a prototype known as Angler in 1992 during the then-industry trade show. After some while, a refined version of the smartphone was brought into the market by Bellsouth company where applications such as the ability to call or receive were instilled (Al-Ghaith, 2021). There followed the advancement of smartphone operating systems that had limited website browsing capability. The first smartphones were limited to developing user applications and other software, unlike modern-say ones which have that feature.

About Smartphone Tech

Smartphones have extra features when compared to ordinary phones due to their capacity, capability, and milestone. The evident outcome of smartphones is that they have altered the way activities are done and improved life by having unique features that resemble those of computer applications. Smartphones work as desktops or laptops with every feature installed to be compatible with other gadgets such as Bluetooth transmission, printing services, and radio technology (Demirbilek et al., 2017). A smartphone is used for sending and receiving emails either in the working place or in any other situation. Smartphones have cameras that can be used to take photos just like the ordinary camera, with clear and high resolution (Al-Ghaith, 2021). The devices can register contacts, perform barcode scanning, show maps, use as a torch, video calls, browse the internet, use a calculator and take notes during a study.

Parties Impacted by Smartphone Technology

First, smartphones can be useful in academic places where students and teachers can have digital communication. A lecturer can decide to host a web-conferencing class where learners have to log in and listen to the tutor. Secondly, workplaces’ offices have been boosted by smartphone technology since managers can form social media groups for employees to learn about various aspects such as marketing and departmental briefing among others. Furthermore, the smartphone is useful in the family setup where members can be communicating about events, news, and other occurrences. It is one of making people connected while they are miles away from each other (Al-Ghaith, 2021). Smartphones have also been used in media and communication to record amateur videos that can be used in investigative journalism or feature articles.

Important Information about Smartphone Technology

In the modern world, many people have been afforded smartphone devices even when they have low incomes. However, it depends on the culture of the community and the proximity to the production units. More than 75% of US citizens own a smartphone while the other 25% are restricted by age and civilization levels (Demirbilek et al., 2017). It is important to know that more than 50% of people with smartphones sleep late while trying to navigate several features. Smartphones are no longer used for calling and texting, nowadays, people apply for jobs through them, and hold meetings through social media applications such as WhatsApp among other advancements. Smartphones are used in marketing and investigative reports by the concerned parties. Lastly, there are significant degrees of family struggles over infidelity due to conspiracy battles boosted by smartphone technology.

Perception About Smartphone Technology In The World

The world today is affected by the could software which is catalyzed by artificial intelligence. Due to the mobility of cell phones, every individual has had access to the gadget and life has not been the same again. In family settings, couples have been aware of most traumatizing events due to smartphones especially with the introduction of vault features to conceal data. The world is like a globe now since one can communicate to some a thousand kilometers away in minutes (Demirbilek et al., 2017). Therefore, as a result of the repetitive use of smartphones, human beings have been reluctant on moral issues that can be prevented by the use of technology. Entrepreneurship has gone to higher levels since marketing can be done using smartphone technology, technology has brought significant positive change to transform the world and every measure is important to develop the communities living on the planet.

Technology and Accounting Field

With the drastic move on digital aspects in business transactions, the accounting field is altered in various ways. First, technology has improved the finance duties by reducing errors and helping businesses avoid tax fines. It is easier to organize audits inefficient manner. For example, reimbursement in healthcare is boosted since client data can be used to track payments, invoicing, and insurance policies using technology. In financial reporting, Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheets are useful in compiling, analyzing, and presenting financial figures that can be used to state accounts and other issues (Demirbilek et al., 2017). By learning technology, a future accountant can know how to leverage digital data with the equipment set in place of work. One needs to know how to access smart software programs that can be used to work during financial accounting and other issues.

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Technology and Society

By studying technology, one becomes aware of how digital knowledge can be used either positively or negatively. Society is enlightened on digital content and thus, when interacting with people, it is important to use technology-centric measures such as social media platforms, televised talks on social issues, and print media in communicating important information among other issues. Additionally, society is viewed as a spoilt generation since the introduction of transhumanism that had led to replacing people’s ability to work with their brains with the use of robotics (Al-Ghaith, 2021). Therefore, while interacting, the society must be approached in a manner that does not involve intensive robotic elements to ensure job sustainability and also prevent individual or group liabilities.

Strategies for Meeting Professional Goals

Due to the frequent use of technology in business and commerce, there is the development of applications that can be used to do fraudulent business courtesy of artificial intelligence. For instance, crackers and hackers have been key disturbing parties who breach the data from technology-based devices (Safonov, 2016). Thus, money has been embezzled by using technology to access financial elements for a given company. Some strategies can be used to enhance data protection in financial institutions. First, performing a cyber kill chain is vital in preventing phishing attacks that can enable releasing important and private data. Kill can be through using key-in-value databases that have strong authentication processes. Secondly, it is important to train accountants on the ethics of work. That can prevent conspiracy to breach financial information for specific companies.


Benefits in Addressing Various Issues in Technology

It is beneficial to address issues such as cybercrime because it can prevent loss of money, psychological distress, and bankruptcy. Secondly, users of technology such as smartphones can be advised on effective use that can prevent collisions with their time, performance, and trustworthiness, which can prevent struggles in society such as low performance in class and family violence (Stahl, 2021). Lastly, when issues such as nudity in media are addressed, there will be low cases of moral decay in society.

Challenges of Addressing Issues in Technology

There is advancement in artificial intelligence since developers can realize applications to alter normal usage. Secondly, people have been influenced by the stratification levels of society where one believes using technology is a fashion when surrounded by negative outcomes (Al-Ghaith, 2021). Lastly, there is a challenge due to many people who are not willing to make efforts in working by depending on computers to do all the duties.

How Analyzing Technology Adds Value to Interactions

First, it promotes the relationship quality when workers use technology to project some phenomenal data such as achieved targets and goals. When properly analyzed, people can be aware of the shortcomings of technology and work on reducing the adverse impacts. Lastly, it can assist couples to stay longer in marriages when they are aware of the dangers of excessive use of technology (Stahl, 2021). For instance, smartphone technology that has dating sites can lead to infidelity in marriages.


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