The Network Strategy of USA Today

The deterioration between Online and the newsroom is caused by numerous differences that can be better understood by conducting the resource, process, and value (RPV) analysis. The resources of the newsroom can be defined as numerous political and cultural figures and institutions, which can provide the journalists with up-to-date information about different events and processes. The resources of Online are mostly the same though specific differences exist. Online has much shorter deadlines due to its commitment to providing breaking news and updating the website every two minutes; the sources of information that are more easily and quickly accessed are used. The process of delivering the report by the newsroom is limited by the daily system of the periodical. The members of the newsroom need to find the information, check it for credibility, and organize it in the form of an article for one day. The work of the members of Online is quite different, as the process of delivering information to the visitors of the website is continuous and does not give much time for checking the relevancy of the data.

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Therefore, while the process of work of both Online and the newsroom are supposed to be guided by such values as “independence, fairness, accuracy, and trust,” the specifics of the format of news delivered by Online make it quite challenging to stick to these standards (Tushman and Roberts 143). The value of the newsroom is based on its role in supporting the image of the periodical as “the nation’s top-selling newspaper” (“USA Today” par. 6). The value of Online is based on its role in creating the reputation of the newspaper as the up-to-date source of information using modern digital innovations for sharing the news. It is also regarded as a source of promoting the popularity of the newspaper through digital means. Both the newsroom and Online play a significant role in maintaining the newspaper’s sustainability and competitive advantage.

Both similarities and differences between the newsroom and Online directly affect the implementation of the strategy of the newspaper. The newspaper is dedicated to supporting the unity of the newsroom and Online and regard promoting effective cooperation between them as one of the essential parts of its strategy of delivering “high-quality and engaging content” to its readers (“About USA Today” par. 1). The newsroom is aimed at collecting the valuable well-checked information while Online relies on presenting urgent news without putting much effort in assessing its full credibility. Such a difference can create a conflict between the departments, as the newsroom can consider Online is harming the reliability of the newspaper. Besides, the differences between the formats of work of the members of departments create severe deterioration between their views on the priorities of the paper. Therefore, it is rather difficult for the departments to stick to one standard of delivering news and complete each other.

The consensus between the newsroom and Online should be found to improve the implementation of the strategy. Berg emphasizes the role of engaging the staff in the process of strategy implementation (par. 19). Therefore, the cooperation between the two teams can be encouraged by organizing regular meetings where the members of both sides share their experiences and views. Yorks and Barto analyze the study on the effectiveness of human resource development (HRD) and emphasize its effectiveness in implementing strategic plans (29). Therefore, USA Today could employ efficacious HRD techniques to ensure the practical work of both teams aimed at strategy implementation. Rojas-Arce, Gelman, and Suarez-Rocha state that monitoring the execution and updating of the strategic plan is a vital part of providing efficient strategy implementation (257). Therefore, creating a set of regulations that should be followed by both departments can also contribute to eliminating the contradictions between them and ensuring their devotion to the strategy.

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