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The newspapers place in the media world

Newspapers have been the method by which countless generations have learned about the comings and goings, stories that affect daily lives, and important historical events unfolding in our world. Even with the advent of the internet, newspapers have not lost their importance. In fact, it has evolved into an ever presence in our lives that we can now access for real time news updates anytime we wish to. Since the news nevers sleeps, newspapers will never go out of style. Instead, it will only evolve and present itself int he manner by which it can deliver the news most efficiently and accurately to anybody who needs it.

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It would most certainly seem like newspapers are losing their young readers. The readers of today know that news is constantly evolving and that newspapers, in its print media format, will never be able to present the news at its freshest and most accurate. This can however, be accomplished by the newspapers using their online formats.

Since newspapers are also run mostly by the more advanced generation of publishers, they tend to run the newspapers in a more traditional method. That which our parents were raised in and what most of them feel comfortable with. Their article presentation tend to be old and uninteresting to the new generation of readers. These days, news is disseminated through the internet via live blogging, twittering, and even cellular phone video reporting. All done from the frontlines, giving the news reporting a more involving and engaging feel for the reader. Not even with all the words available in the dictionary can a printed newspaper emulate these real time reporting methods in any way, shape, or form.

The readers of today have a disease known as instant gratification. They do not want to have to wait for anything. Not their food, communication with friends, and most certainly not the news. So it is completely understandable why they do not feel any connection or inclination to read the printed news media in hard copy form.

Keeping the aforementioned in mind while I was reading the transcript of the the 60 Minutes show on the Milenial Generation, I could not help but realize that the generation which I belong to was created by our parents without any real reason to do so. Indeed, I found myself agreeing with almost everything that the investigative report uncovered.

Ours is a generation that was not taught the value of hard work because we were born during the time when America was a land of abundance and excess. Very little thought was given to the character building of the new generation because of the way that the fountain of abundance seemed to have no end. At the time of the report, these slackers were in charge of offices. These days, they are probably out of jobs themselves and slowly realizing how totally unprepared they are for the real world.

The effects of the ruination of a generation can easily be seen in the way that they are unable to function in even the simplest jobs. They think that the world owes them something without really knowing what that something is. They do not take disappointment properly and do not know how to deal with being rejected. This is the sorry state of the future leaders of America.

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At this rate. America is a nation which stands on the brink of ruin because none of the millenials were ever properly trained to become leaders. Instead, we have a whole generation afflicted with ADDS waiting to grow up at the age 30. Unless they wake up and realize the weight of the future upon their shoulders, all may be lost for our future generations and worse, our country.

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