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The Problem-Solving Process in Challenging Situations


People encounter numerous challenges every day and need to deal with them. Some individuals solve these problems effectively, while others fail to do it. The first group includes successful individuals, who achieve their goals, maintain fulfilling lives, and are content with their relationships, career, and achievements. Unfortunately, many unsuccessful people belong to the second group because they lack knowledge of handling challenges. However, it is possible to learn to solve problems effectively, as there are many different problem-solving models and tips available for those who want to lead fulfilling lives. It just takes time to understand a problem-solving model and effort to implement it. Without any doubt, a six-step problem-solving process is an effective way to deal with even the most challenging life situations.

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Main body

To begin with, it is essential to define the problem that I have to solve. Many people keep issues in their heads and avoid writing them down; thus, they are just vague ideas making individuals get lost (“The problem solving process”, n.d.). My problem appears to be evident from first sight – I do not have enough time to fulfill my duties. Work and education take most of my time, so, I have little time left to spend with my family. Moreover, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight are too high, and I need to take several medications. The reason for it is probably constant stress because of numerous duties. Forsyth (2019) noted in his book, “If you are busy, you are normal” (p. 9). Nevertheless, it is apparent that I am too occupied, and it is a serious problem waiting to be solved as soon as possible. Undoubtedly, it is possible to manage time more productively, though such an approach is unlikely to handle the challenge successfully.

On the other hand, I can consider the problem from a different perspective. Do I lack time because I am unproductive or because I have too many duties? Undoubtedly, the answer to this question is immediate and straight. Working more than 50 hours, taking two classes, raising two children, and completing other crucial tasks every week are too many responsibilities. Hence, I do not have time for myself and suffer from health issues. Forsyth (2019) is convinced that time management’s main principle is to do what is the most important and ignore what is not urgent. Therefore, my problem is that I have taken many responsibilities, and I am neither physically nor mentally able to deal with all of them successfully.

Furthermore, I need to analyze my problem to generate effective options to solve it later. Unfortunately, I cannot delegate most of my family duties because I do not have a partner, my elderly parents need support on their own, and one of my siblings lives in another state. However, the other one lives just two miles away, so I can ask him to help me with children or other critical tasks. Besides, work and education are the most time-consuming activities, and it is wise to decrease the amount of time I spend on them. Even though it may be complicated, the possible outcomes are worth trying. As for coaching the soccer team and fundraising for the band, I want to continue to be involved in these activities, as it helps me to feel more connected to my children. Although, delegating some of my responsibilities to other parents is a good idea.

What is more, it is vital to generate as many options to solve my problem as possible. Some of them may sound irrational at first and become useful later, so, it is critical to be creative, not practical. It is the right time to collect new ideas to screen them later to find the best ones (“Problem solving and decision making”, n.d.). First, I can quit my Saturday job to have more time to study and spend with my family. My 9 to 6 job is my primary source of income, and leaving it is likely to cause severe financial problems. Second, if I did not take two classes simultaneously but concentrated on either online or offline one, I would make the most of the studying process. The offline class is more time-consuming; thus, pausing it until I finish the online class or find less than 40 hours a week job appears to be a good option. In addition, I can delegate more of important tasks to my relatives, colleagues, friends, or even children.

Evaluating options is the next step, which requires me to be more practical than the previous one. Funke et al. (2018) note that the problem-solving competency is more critical in the 21st century more than ever. The doctor recommends me to take several medications, which cost about $200 a month. Without any doubt, quitting my Saturday job is the best option, as I would spend more time for myself and exercise to improve my health. Without any doubt, it is irrational to work extra hours to buy medication. Moreover, I intend to spend more time with my children and parents; thus, pausing the offline class until I have more time to complete it is an attractive option. Instead of worrying about deadlines, I would concentrate on making the most of the online class. In addition, I can delegate more household chores to my children and coaching the soccer team to other parents.

My problem is incredibly complex; thus, its solution consists of a set of actions. All the options mentioned above seem to be effective and have the potential to make a positive impact on my life. However, it is crucial to concentrate on one step at a time rather than expect fast and utterly impressive outcomes. First of all, I would quit my Saturday job and engage my children in carrying out household chores. Then I would pause my offline class and delegate some of my responsibilities on coaching the soccer team to other parents. Hence, I would have more time to improve my health, connect with my children, and spend it with my parents and siblings. I realize that my children need to see me supporting them during both the soccer tournament and band concert; thus, I would ask to extend the papers’ deadlines for my classes. Besides, I have to adjust my goal to complete my degree in two years. Pursuing it may lead to adverse health problems, life dissatisfaction, and poor relationships with children and relatives.

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In conclusion, I realize that implementing these decisions may be extremely challenging for me, though every option is likely to lead to many positive outcomes. It is vital to be good at problem solving in the modern world to effectively deal with numerous challenges. Therefore, I would be persistent and dedicated to decrease the number of duties I have and focus on my mental and physical well-being.


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