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The Retaining Fitness Center

There is a need for the Rocky Mountain Mutual Insurance Company to grow and develop by way of improving its profits and reducing its costs. One strategy that can be adapted to ensure this is by retaining the Fitness Center. This is in spite of the high cost associated with its maintenance. The expense is approximately a million dollars, and this includes the cost of engaging human resources. The main reason for constructing the Fitness Center was because there were no sports club facilities which was conveniently available near the company’s headquarters. In addition, the management considered exercise as a significant benefit to provide to its workers. Besides, the company is located in remote areas therefore; in order to attract young employees to work the company, construction of Fitness Center was of great advantage. This is because most people engage in various forms of exercise because exercise helps in keeping both the mind and body shape.

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Moreover, it is important to retain the Fitness Center because most of the company’s workers make use of it and this is clearly seen during lunch time and before workday when employees gather there in large numbers. The advantage of using this center is because after exercise individuals say that their energy and productivity is increased. Energy is increased while the employees exercise in the Fitness Center since regular or daily exercise help the body to be more effective in burning the calories, thus, offering an individual adequate energy the whole day.

Similarly, the secret of any successful organization is efficient and happy employees. Fitness Center is one of the resources within the Rocky Mountain Mutual Insurance Company which makes the employees effective and happy. Employees conducted their different exercises there. The major reason of having workers exercise is due to the health benefits that one gets through daily or regular exercise. The health risks associated with such diseases as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases amongst others, are highly minimized and with such minimization in health predicaments, the company will experience less problems regarding absenteeism within different departments or in the office. In addition, exercise is not only of great advantage to the workers but health workers are an advantage to the organization as well. This is because if a company encourages its employees to exercise, it will experience reduced medical insurance bills and increased employees’ performance or productivity; hence, the business will develop.

Moreover, with reduced medical insurance bills, the company experiences lesser expenses from the employees and increased productivity, therefore, more profits to the organization. For instance, employees in the Rocky Mountain Mutual Insurance Company have benefitted from exercising in the Fitness Center. This is because the center has had a great impact on the employee healthcare costs and thus, reduced the rate of absenteeism. By reviewing the medical costs records of the company’s employees for the previous two years, the medical costs of the workers who utilize Fitness Center were lower than those who did not use the center. From the records, 25 percent (62 individuals) who utilized the center once or twice a week exhibited medical costs of about $300 per individual. Secondly, 10 percent (25 individuals) who utilized the center three or more times a week showed medical costs of $100 per individual. On the other hand, 65 percent (163 individuals) who never utilized the Fitness Center showed medical costs of about $500 per individual. Therefore, it is clear that those individuals who never utilize the Fitness Center have the highest medical bills than those who utilize the facility. Moreover, regarding absenteeism, employees who utilized the facility missed work approximately six days annually while those who never use the facility missed approximately twelve days in a year. Therefore, Fitness Center should be retained and all employees should be advised on the importance of utilizing the facility. As a result, the company will improve the productivity of the employees hence, improves its profit and reduce medical costs.

Lack of exercise has become a world-wide trend resulting to obesity and other health related diseases which increase the medical costs. Thus, the company should get most of the employees to exercise at the Fitness Center and absenteeism and medical costs will be reduced. In addition, since the time the company developed a ‘wellness program’ for the claim department for the last eight months, the productivity rate has increased by 18 percent and the sick days have reduced by 5 percent for the employees within that department.

Therefore, the Fitness Center should be retained because if it is closed, the company will be forced to offer their employees discounted memberships in order to join other health clubs for exercise. As a result, the company will experience more expenses than it could by retaining the Fitness Center. In addition, Fitness Center is a suitable facility which helps the employees to exercise and as a result, they improve their health and job ethics, inculcate self confidence and reinforce their family associations. All this ultimately results in increased performance for the employee and increased productivity for the company.

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