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The Social Contract Analysis

In the current paper, the social contract and its possible fall will be discussed and addressed. Specifically, the question of what actions could be considered to be the moral thing to do if the social contract falls apart or is no longer being upheld will be covered. Possible ways might include trying to form a new form of agreement or abandoning mortality and doing whatever an individual finds to be right. I believe that finding a new social contract is a necessary thing to do to stabilize society and avoid chaos.

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If the existing social contracts fall apart, I believe it is essential to form a new one, as it is necessary for social order. It is thought to since Greek and Enlightenment philosophers, such as Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau, that society needs some form of social agreement or sovereign power (Morrison, 2020). I am confident that the moral thing to do in losing the existing social contract would be cooperation among people. This unity would aim at helping the less-protected segments of the population and supporting the rest. It is hard to imagine social order without creating new formal institutions (as governments) and informal organizations (social forces). In my personal view, the situation when a new social contract fails to be found can be considered as dangerous, as there will be no choice to do the moral thing.

In conclusion, it should be stated that in the case of the fall of the social contract, there is the only moral thing to do – creating a new form of agreement. It would be based on old philosophical ideas of having a sovereign power that controls members of society. Broad compliance with the new rules could help avoid global chaos and support all society segments.


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