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The UAE and India: Comparison and Contrast

The United Arab Emirates and India both have a prominent influence in the Asian region. Due to the historic relations, more than two million of workers from India live now in the Gulf state. Both countries are marked by clear stratification of society. The people of the UAE and India put great value on their traditions and try to combine them with the modern technologies in their lives. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the UAE and India regarding their history, people, customs, and economy.

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The United Arab Emirates formed from a small tribal community and developed along with India throughout the centuries (Zahlan 17). Both have felt the influence of the Great Britain. The countries have a shared history. For decades long, people of the two countries have crossed the seas to trade their goods. Gradually the international business has turned into the diplomatic relations. People have shared information, their customs, traditions, and recipes.

Millions of Indians travelled to live in the UAE. Now they share a common way of living based on this long-term coexistence of nations. In the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries, the relations between countries have faded regarding the pearling industry. The authorities of India taxed the pearls from the UAE, contributing to the decline of the industry (RigiLadez and Khan 330). Now the relations between the two countries are on the upswing due to the strong economic bonds.

The people of both countries are very fond of their traditions. The UAE is a patriarchal society with prevailing male population. India has a very large population with both genders presented at the same level. There are more than a billion people living in India in comparison to about nine million in the UAE. Nevertheless, India has very big infant mortality rate (Smith 63). Only a quarter of people in India lives in cities. In the United Arabian Emirates, the situation is different with only about twenty percent of the population living in the countryside.

The culture of the United Arab Emirates has formed with the influence of Persian, Arabian, and Indian customs and traditions. The people of the UAE still follows the ancient laws of Persians and Arabian. The architecture, art, and cuisine is a mixture of several traditions. The culture of India has developed thousands of years and is following the rules and customs of Hinduism as the main religion.

As it was mentioned before, the two countries are trade partners. The United Arab Emirates are famous for their oil-based economy. Tourism is also a very important part of the economy in the UAE. The economy of India relies heavily on the manufacturing of goods and software technologies. The agricultural sector also plays a major role in the budget.

The United Arabian Emirates and India have a shared history and strong economic bonds that keep the countries together. Nevertheless, they are very different. The patriarchal nature of the society in the UAE is underlined by the prevalence of male population. The culture of the UAE has been formed from the customs and traditions of numerous nations as the state originated from the small tribal community. For many centuries, India follows the rules and laws of Hinduism. The economy of the UAE is heavily based on oil and tourism whereas India makes profits by manufacturing goods and software solutions.

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