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The Walt Disney Company’s Marketing Strategies

How does Disney conduct market research? What is an example of their findings?

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Disney has been actively conducting market research in order to understand market changes in the industry. The research is conducted through various ways. One of the main ways in which this firm conducts its research is through online survey. The marketing unit has been focused on determining the trends in the consumption pattern of its products. In its online marketing research, the firm has been monitoring the buying pattern of its products. Through this survey, the firm has been able to identify slow products that need modification, and those that are popular. It has also been conducting market research in some of its major outlets by interviewing its clients to know their changing tastes and preferences. From its market research, this firm has realized that although its largest target market still remains to be children below twelve years, some of its products remain appealing to teenagers and young adults. For this reason, it is important to modify these products to suit different age groups (O’Grady, 2009).

Are there subsets to Disney consumer base? Do they target demographics differently?

According to Haines (2009), understanding the demographical factors in the market is an important marketing process because it enables a firm to understand how to modify its products. For Disney, there are subsets to its consumer base that it needs to know in order to be able to offer quality products. The subsets for Disney products can be categorized into three groups, all falling under the category of children. The first subset has children aged below five years. Children aged between six to eight years form the second subset, while those aged between nine to twelve years fall in the third category. Disney targets these different subsets differently. In the first category, the products offered are basically the cartoons. In the second category, there is a combination of cartoons and other animated products. In the third category, most of the products start focusing on relationships, teamwork, and games.

What is Disney’s product or service? Has Disney created a brand around it?

Disney has diversified its products as a way of expanding its market share and managing competition. Currently, the firm operates five primary segments in various industries. In the first segment is the Walt Disney Studios that has a recording label, a theatrical division and company films. In the second segment we find the Disney Resorts and Parks that has cruise line, theme parks, and travel-related products. Disney Consumer Products that produce clothing and toys form the third segment. Media Network which offers television networks is the fourth segment of this firm. The fifth segment is Disney Interactive that offers internet services, virtual world, computer games, and other online related services. Disney has successfully created a brand around its products. From the goods to the services offered by this firm, they all bear the brand name Disney. According to Cagan (2008), Disney is one of the most popular brands in the world, especially among children.

What life-cycle stage is Disney’s number one product in? What ramifications will this have on the company’s future? Will it be creating new products?

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Disney operates five main divisions, some of which are not in any way related to the primary focus of the company that is entertainment. Identifying the leading product for this firm may be challenging because all the five divisions should be viewed independently. In this paper, we will consider one of the popular products of this firm in the current market. According to Dver (2003), Star Wars are currently very popular both among the children below 12 years and the teenagers. This product can be considered to be in the growth stage in its life cycle. This is so because it has experienced a wide viewing, and many of the viewers are waiting for the new episodes that are yet to be released. The company is currently earning a lot from the sale of this product. This may have a positive impact in the firm’s future because it will have enough financial resources to support its operations. Disney will need to create new products in future to replace this one in case it starts experiencing decline in its sales in the market. This will help the firm remain profitable.

What is Disney’s communications strategy?

Communication is an important aspect of the normal operations of a business unit. According to Gorchels (2006), effective communication is one of the most important ingredients to a firm’s success. At Disney, the management has developed an effective communication strategy that seeks to ensure that the relationship between the top management and the junior employees remains positive. In its current communication strategy, the firm has eliminated all the bureaucracies which demanded that information should only be passed by the immediate supervisors. Currently, the junior employees can easily communicate with the top management directly without any intimidation. This has been very important in addressing some of the operational issues that the junior employees face when rendering their services to the firm. It does not mean that the role of the supervisors and the mid managers is eliminated. It only seeks to eliminate the bureaucracy that created a wall between the junior employees and the top management. The strategy has been successful in promoting employee morale and their output within the firm.

What is Disney’s internet marketing strategy? Is it successful?

Disney has realized that internet marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to its target customers. Disney’s internet marketing strategy always seeks to attract the adolescents and young adults who are constantly on the internet for various reasons. According to Geracie (2010), Facebook has about one billion followers spread across the world. YouTube also has massive followers. The social media, therefore, form an attractive market channel that this firm can use to reach out to its clients. The marketing unit of this firm has also been advertising its products through some of the popular blogs across the world to reach out to its target audience. The strategy has been very successful, especially in reaching out to the teenagers and young adults.

Is Disney ethically responsible?

Disney has always struggled to remain socially responsible in its operations, especially given the fact that its products targets young children. It is always considered one of the companies whose products shape behavior of youngsters in the society (Lawley & Cohen, 2012). This requires the firm to maintain a high degree of ethical practice. However, some of its products have faced criticism for lack of ethics in the recent past. Some of its popular films such as The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and The Rescuers faced criticism because they had hidden sexual references while the targeted audience was children. The church, especially the Catholic Church, and other social groups criticized these films, and the firm had to act immediately in order to spare its image. The firm recalled all these films and modified them before releasing them back to the market.

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