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Ways to Improve the US Healthcare System


The healthcare system in the United States is one of the main areas that need to be improved. There are various ways how to change the system. Medical specialists can influence health care through state and federal policy formation (Rambur, 2015). They also need to constantly improve their professional skills. Another approach is patient organizations. The main goal of this paper is to discuss the possible ways for the improvement of health care.

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Ways of Influence

Nowadays, all citizens can express their opinions by voting. This is also relevant for nurses who now can hold influential positions (Rambur, 2015). Although there are several ways of political influence such as voting, political campaigns, political action committees, and lobbyists, it is not always easy to contact policymakers. However, if there is an issue that should become a new law, some simple methods can help to implement such a goal.

For example, a phone call or a personal meeting might be more effective than letters or emails. Another important method is to organize meetings with staff members who work for senators or other representatives. Finally, it might be much more productive to contact the chair of the committee of a district. Also, it is important to use strategies to become an effective political agent such as learning from successful politicians or mentors.


The world changes rapidly, and it is necessary to keep up with its pace. It is especially important when it comes to nursing (Rambur, 2015). Nurses should constantly learn new methods and apply them in their practice. However, teaching is also might be very helpful. While teaching, a person has to answer multiple questions that might challenge them intellectually. It contributes to the improvement of vocational skills. Mentoring gives a similar effect.

Another important tool for professional development is high-quality medical journals. Such materials provide the latest information understandably. Also, different nursing organizations provide opportunities for professional development. For example, the American Nurses Association is a perfect place to master leadership skills. Although the membership in such organizations costs money, it is important to enhance professional engagement.

Patient Organizations

Patient organizations are a significant element in the healthcare system as they considerably influence decision-making processes. Especially, they are relevant in Western countries. For example, such organizations in the Netherlands have a status of the official party in the healthcare system, and they are supported by the government (Van de Bovenkamp & Trappenburg, 2011). Therefore, patient organizations closely interact with care providers, health insurance agencies, and pharmaceutical companies.

The example of the Netherlands demonstrates that governments can have substantial power over the organizational structure and activities of patient organizations. Authorities can even influence their ideology. Therefore, such supervision makes patient organizations more reliable. However, the problem of the level of governmental influence on society becomes more critical.

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Change in Health Care

The most serious problem in the modern healthcare system is that it is not accessible to millions of citizens. Students, unemployed people, and people who hold low-wage jobs cannot afford to buy insurance (CNBC LCC, 2010). Therefore, the current policies in this area should be aimed at resolving this problem. To accomplish it, I think it is necessary to address several aspects simultaneously. However, one change should be made first. Those who are left behind should receive federal tax breaks so they can acquire insurance independently from their employers.


Health care is one of the most important systems on which all citizens depend. Many problems in this complex structure need to be addressed. Although the most significant one is its accessibility, all the existing healthcare issues are deeply interrelated. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a wide range of approaches to improve the overall performance of this system.


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