Toxic Air Pollutants: Environmental Health

I did not know that toxic air pollutants present in the air can result in the emergence of cancer or serious health problems. Cancer risk associated with this issue is about one per million; however, it can be considered a critically high percentage because of the severe complications associated with the disease and a number of fatal consequences preconditioned by the illness (EPA, n.d.). The problem is that not all pollutants are considered, which means that the risk can be even higher (“2014 National air toxics assessment: Fact sheet,” 2014).

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I also did not know that the poor state of the air can precondition the high risk of birth defects which is critical regarding the health of the nation and improvement of the quality of people’s lives.

These concerns are critical for the survival of communities and their beneficial development, as the emergence of multiple health issues creates a barrier to the achievement of particular goals and gradual improvement of people’s living conditions. In this regard, a community health nurse, as a specialist responsible for the observation of the health status, should address these issues by attracting individuals’ attention to the problem and looking for a potent solution. One of the possible ways is to educate residents about the harm associated with air pollutants and their negative impact on the health of people.

At the same time, the nurse can motivate people to achieve positive results by trying to improve the state of the environment and minimize the negative impact of pollutants by asking the government for assistance and launching various social projects aimed at the minimization of harm done to people. Altogether, the nurse should become one of the central agents involved in the process and try to achieve better results by educating people and providing them with the needed knowledge.


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