UN and the Digital Age

Introduction: The Digital Age and Its Challenges

The recent technological breakthrough that has been witnessed over the past few decades has clearly heralded a new epoch. A range of IT innovations, particularly, those that allow for global communication, has become ubiquitous, altering people’s lives on a variety of levels. However, IT tools also offer a plethora of opportunities for managing people’s needs on a global level, as the report published recently by the UN indicates. Despite the fact that the security issue has been addressed extensively and the chances for reinforcing the concept of the Global Citizenship have been explored in depth, the UN’s current approach toward the use of IT-related opportunities could use a deeper insight into the issues associated with economics and global trade.

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UN and the Digital Age: Reflection

Essential Accomplishments

The enhancement of economic growth through the extensive use of IT innovations can be deemed as UN’s major accomplishment in the Digital Age. Seeing that the subject matter is the area of major concern for a range of third-world countries, the enhancement of the data management process for which modern IT tools allow has huge significance for the further economic development.

Possible Areas for an Improvement

As stressed above, the report does not provide much information about how IT tools could be used by the UN as the means of enhancing the financial growth worldwide. The issues associated with taxations, investments, and the role that digital tools play in the promotion of the financial development, as well as the prevention of financial fraud, could have used greater attention. For instance, when addressing the issue of financial mismanagement, Fletcher could have brought up the opportunity for establishing a tighter control over the key financial operations as one of the options that modern IT tools provide: “Reports of abuse and exploitation, financial mismanagement and bureaucracy harm the UN’s reputation” (Fletcher 15).

How the Digital Era Has Been Marshaled

According to the evidence provided by Fletcher, the United Nations have been using the options that emerged with the increase in the role of IT in people’s lives quite successfully so far. Particularly, the promotion of global citizenship as a new model of building relationships in a multicultural environment should be listed among the key accomplishments. Furthermore, active exploration of the factors that affect the economic growth on local and global levels needs to be mentioned as an important step in the right direction.

However, certain areas still need improvements, as the report states quite clearly. For instance, the management of online security still leaves much to be desired, with cybercriminals posing a consistent threat to the economic and personal well-being of online users (Fletcher 19). Despite numerous attempts at fighting digital crimes, cybercriminals invent new ways of bypassing the security.

Conclusion: UN’s Actions in the Wake of the Digital Age

Despite significant accomplishments in the area of technology, the current approach toward using IT innovations to encourage economic growth worldwide still needs improvements. The UN should focus on addressing the issues associated with finances and, particularly, the threat of financial fraud in the context of the online environment. Furthermore, the safety of users needs to be enhanced significantly. Thus, the premises for a consistent progress can be created. Focusing on the issues associated with the financial aspect of international business communication, however, is also necessary for the further management of cybercrimes.

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