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Understanding Blogspace: Types, Comparison and Significance

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The act of blogging has diversified since it began in the 1990s. At the moment, technorati.com has trailed over a hundred million blogs (David 369). In the past, blogspace was used by unknown people who created a network for communication purposes. Today, blogspace is being used by various institutions such as media houses and political parties and has incorporated unique features such as user diaries. Blogspace has advanced through creation of community sites and the integration of blogspace into traditional organizational systems.

Types of blogs

There are various types of blogs. One of them is classic blog which comprises most of the existing blogs. It can be accessed for free and it acts as an avenue where people can share their personal experiences to their friends. However, the reader does not respond through comments (David 371). Research has shown that classic bloggers are well educated up to the master’s level.

Community blog is the second blog. It differs from classic blog in that its goal is to enhance discussion among various communities while classic blog is for personal publication. In addition, the software allows the reader to comment through writing. Community blogs acts as a public platform where communal action is enhanced.

The third blog is known as institutional blog (David 372). Institutional blog has software that allows the input of traditional intellectuals. The common feature about this blog is that each institution has a mission and blogging helps them attain their mission. Institutional blogs get their viewers outside the blogs, and the viewer’s role is to meet the goals of the institution (David 373).

Finally, there is the bridge blogs which combine some features of both the institutional blogs and community blogs. These blogs draw many famous writers who write on a wide range of subjects (David 374). In addition, these writers allow their readers to respond to their topics. An example is Newsbusters.org, whose purpose is to condemn left-wing media bias. Newsbusters.org gets significance response from community members.

Comparison between conservative bloggers and progressive bloggers

Progressive political bloggers and conservative political bloggers have different blog structures (David 375). The progressive blogger has more community blogs as compared to conservative. Research shows that the best two progressive blogs use systems that enhance communal action, while the best two conservative blogs use a system that does not allow the reader to respond to the writer. The architecture of progressive blog has enabled them succeed in online fundraising because they have created a public platform.

Political blogging has advanced at an age when Republicans have continually defeated the Democrats (David 381). This has significant influence on the opportunities for success for both Republicans and Democrats. Progressive bloggers use their site to condemn the government, the media, and their own leaders. Progressive bloggers have formed their own institutions because they believe that existing institutions are not effective. However, conservatives do not condemn anybody because they have always experienced victories (David 382). Their bloggers get paid frequently because of their successful work.


Studies on blogspace will have a significant impact on American politics. This is because new ideas in blogosphere may determine the fate of political parties. Parties that have continuously lost during elections need to adjust their strategies. One strategy they can implement is adding new concepts in their blogspace which could facilitate in their political campaigns. Blogspace offers a platform where students in the field of politics find ideas concerning the impact of technology on political issues.


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