Advertising Promoting Organic Food and Beverages | Free Essay Example

Advertising Promoting Organic Food and Beverages

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The environmental issue has become quite a problem since recently, which has caused a surge of suggestions for improving the state of the Earth and maintaining the balance between nature and nurture. Among the most essential solutions on how to make the world more “organic” and preserve the treasure that nature offers, the policy of sustainability seems one of the most suitable ones, for it helps to keep the balance between humankind and nature impeccably.

When it comes to turning the world more organic, one has to resort to using more organic supplies. Therefore, it is reasonable to suggest that creating a series of advertisements on the way people can improve the existing environmental condition will change the situation. Making people realize how important it is to treat nature respectfully is extremely important, and promoting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle will help to make the world more organic.

To be more precise, it is necessary to promote organic food and beverages, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and coffee. Mentioning the harmful effect of the non-organic products together with the positive results that organic food and drinks bring is bound to impress the audience. For instance, it would be a good idea to demonstrate the effect that fizzy drinks have on people’s organisms and compare these effects to more optimistic prospects of drinking coffee, tea, and water. Besides, the advertisements can also comment on organic and non-organic food, mentioning the pros and cons of consuming each of the products.

Finally, it will be necessary to come up with ideas on how to utilize certain waste, e.g. cell phones, computers, and other devices that pose a considerable threat when breaking down, mostly because the devices of the kind produce harmful radioactive emissions. Besides, hybrid cars should be promoted as an alternative to less environmentally safe diesel cars.