Use of Digital Technology

The digital technology has greatly acquired popularity in the recent decades. The use of digital techniques for accomplishing major social activities has equally been on the rise in public utility sites such as the social network websites in the internet. A plethora of internet users has often posted information of their interest such as photos, animations, videos as well as other comments which are often intended to communicate certain information to the intended audience. It is important to note that such information is relevantly posted by other internet users (Arnold and Senter, 345).

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Just like other internet users, I have posted some data on the internet as an attempt to take part in the rapidly developing digital technology. Among the data marking a digital footprint, I have also posted many photos of different interest to my social life as well as my career life. The photos posted include those ranging from private to public. Photos of my personal experiences during major life events such as achievements and failures (Arnold and Senter, 344). Videos recording major achievements in my life such as graduation ceremonies and regional college awards ceremonies are among the top recent posts done (Zucker, 111).

In addition to the photos and videos posted on the internet, I have also taken an active part in social networks where individual users initiate conversations on topics of interest. Such sites on the internet include Google+, Facebook as well as the Twitter. Individuals usually post comments over topics of interests which may be in form of questions. Just like other users interested in these sites, I have played an active role in the initiated conversations of interest (Stefik, 404). This is because such topics usually provide an opportunity to share useful ideas despite the other relaxing moments provided during use.

In the entire process of initiating and completing the posts on the internet, the provision of some level of security and privacy has proven as an indispensable tool in various attempts to make the use of internet safety (Arnold and Senter, 347). Inadequate security as well as less meaningful privacy is one of the most discouraging factors hindering free and trustworthy use of internet sites. As one of the heaviest internet users, I admire greater levels of internet security and privacy. This would help to curb major cases of fraud where other users acquire an illegal and and unauthorized access of private information (Arnold and Senter, 346). Such information accessed out without prior permission of the owners have resulted in thin security issues such as threats on people’s lives, blackmail and loss of personal or secret information leaking to the public (Arnold and Senter, 346). Internet sources administrators have a duty to provide adequate protection to secret codes and passwords in order to hinder fraud cases (Zucker,103).

Karen Owen’s dilemma triggers much emotional reaction to the my human sense of morality. Using reason as a locomotive to the existence, Karen Owen’s dilemma is a situation that is of self interest and uncalled for (Stefik, 404). A wider spectrum of ideas would be gleaned from the entire dilemma presented. It is quite ironical that the major source of empowerment of modern technology would turn out to be the pitfall. Karen, according to my reading and comprehension of the of her dilemma, she never had an interest in outlining the role of of modern women as regards sexuality. She looks lost of control over the public perception of her situation since the crucial matter has been released to the digital world.

One of my classmates posted on Karen’s dilemma and expressed a point of agreement with Karen’s situation. However, much you agree and approve of Karen’s situation, it is worth noting that human beings are rational beings who have a duty to keep their morality within the norms of the society. This is what draws the line between human beings and other animals. As a wrap up, therefore, the use of digital technology is significant in ensuring better information dissemination to the public. However, self and public respect is necessary to maintain safe and secure use of the interesting technology across the globe.

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Stefik, Mark J. “System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works having attached usage rights where the usage rights are defined by a usage rights grammar.” U.S. Patent No. 5,715,403. 1998.

Zucker, Andrew A. Transforming Schools with Technology: How Smart Use of Digital Tools Helps Achieve Six Key Education Goals. Cambridge, MA 02138: Harvard Education Press. 8 Story Street First Floor, 2008.

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