Video Games Marketing Segmentation in Australia

Market segment matrix

At first, it is necessary to create a market segment matrix that describes the behavioral and psychographic characteristic of potential customers who can be divided in two groups.

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Characteristics Gamers People, who need photocopy and printing service
  • Social class: middle-class.
  • Lifestyle: Gamers are experiencersor people who seek new sensations and new forms of interaction with others (Sherlock 2008, p. 19).
  • Personality: These clients are people who try to express themselves through playing (Sherlock 2008, p. 19).
  • Social class: middle-class.
  • Lifestyle: people, representing different lifestyles. These people can be achievers, experiencers, innovators, believers, and so forth. It is difficult to argue that these buyers represent only one lifestyle.
  • Personality: Potential users of photocopy and printing services can be individuals with very diverse character traits or values.
  • Needs: new experiences and comfort.
  • Interests: video games, music, and other forms of entertainment.
  • Rate of use: 1-5 hours per day.
  • User status: current and potential.
  • Needs: efficient services that can be provided as quickly as possible.
  • Interests: this group of customers has a diverse range of interests.
  • Rate of use: from 1 to 3 times per day.
  • User status: current and potential.

Segment Size

According to the data, provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011), there are 4,524 people whose age ranges between 8 and 20 in Strathfield. Approximately, half of these people can be potential gamers who are mostly males (Graber 2010, p. 18). So, the Webstation can be visited by more than 2,250 people. In turn, the potential users of photocopy services are people of different age groups. One can estimate that at least 25,000 people can require the services provided by Webstation.

Key trends and forecasts

The main trend is that many gamers tend to play video games on the Internet and they usually do it at home (Dutwin 2009, p. 150). These people are no longer interested in Internet cafes, as they were before. In the future, these clients may visit use the services of companies like Webstation, only if they will be able to play the most up-to-date games on high-performing computers or game consoles. In contrast, customers, who need printing and photocopy services, will continue to visit Internet cafes.

Buyer criteria

  1. Overall, one can distinguish several priorities of gamers. First of all, they value the opportunity to play the most recent videogames and use the most advanced computers. Secondly, these individuals attach importance to communication and ability to share impressions with other gamers.
  2. In turn, the users of photocopy and printing services value speed and efficiency. They do not want to wait in long lines, and they will prefer those internet cafes where their needs are best met within the shortest possible time.

Key competitors

There are many Internet cafes in Strathfield and they can be very important competitors of Webstation. For instance, one can mention Burwood Cyber Café or Go Internet Café, or Estar Internet. These organizations can offer various services to clients who may want to browse Internet, print documents or play video games. Provided that the management of Webstation ensures the speed of their services and install the most up-to-date computers or game consoles, they will gain the loyalty of many customers.

Indicative profitability

Overall, the expected profitability will be approximately A$30,000 per month. Later, the revenues can be increased. This result will indicate that the strategies of the management have been successful.

Resultant target segments

The segments that have been identified before are quite sufficient for the sustainability of Webstation. Gamers and people, who need printing services, can contribute to the economic growth of Webstation.


Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011, Strathfield: 2011 Census QuickStatsWeb.

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Sherlock, L 2008, Gaming” Genre: Serious Games, Genre Theory, and Rhetorical Action, ProQuest, London.

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