Information Management and Related Issues in Business


Information gathering, dissemination and storage have changed remarkably with the advent of technology. Traditional methods that were used to conduct business in many organizations have been changed to increase effectiveness. This basically implies that organizations must embrace the use of IT. However, there are many IT-related issues that emerge on a daily basis. In a bid to identify the IT-related issues that organizations face today, I conducted a research that highlights them and their importance.

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The logic used in coming up with the issues is the identification of those which seem common in a large number of organizations. The research covers all organizations including the large and small ones. It also covers all types of organizations among them profit and non-profit ones. It can be applied across many sectors because the IT issues faced by organizations are not restricted to specific sectors (Top Five Privacy Issues Organizations Must Tackle, 2012).

Issue 1: Information Management

Management of information entails gathering and managing information from different sources and its dissemination to various audiences. The life cycle of information is important and involves several processes among them how it is collected, processed, utilized, retained, retrieved, shared and eventually destroyed. Management of information touches on all individuals who handle it. It is comprised of the control and organization exercised during processing and making it available.

Most organizations experience problems with regard to management of information. Some of the basic issues that pose a challenge include ownership establishment, responsibility and the manner in which the information is used. These are important issues to many organizations since they protect the integrity and quality of information (Parker, 2012).

Data quality is among the most important concerns of information management. It covers availability, relevance and accuracy among other things. In addition, it includes the security of information and its capacity to be maintained (Mutch, 2008). The value of data quality in organizations is necessitated by widespread data use in business intelligence and the rise of information sharing. The value of information can only be increased when the right protective measures are put in place.

Business intelligence which involves collecting information is regarded as an important way of gaining a better understanding of a business organization and its clients. It is therefore important for business organizations to manage information appropriately, protect it and make it available whenever it is needed. Considering the use of programs for managing information may be an important decision for organizations to manage their intellectual capital (Munson, 2011).

Issue 2: Emerging technologies

The second IT-related issue that organizations face is emerging technologies. These are associated with both opportunities and perils in many organizations. One of the emerging technologies that is of concern to organizations is cloud computing. This is the process through which virtualization procedures and the internet are used to make an environment where provision of security, data, infrastructure and other applications is enabled through internet based resources. Users are able to identify transmission channels, storage sites and processing locations on the basis of the type of cloud. The encryption of the data in the cloud is determined by the user.

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The issues that arise from this emerging technology include recovery of data, its availability and legislative issues on personal information. Individuals who use cloud are concerned about the location of data, the effectiveness of data control mechanisms and the ability to get the data when required to effect certain operations. Social networking sites such as twitter, MyLife, facebook and have found increased use in business settings.

Organizations use these sites in a limited way but the employees use them widely. Most organizations are concerned about the time employees spend on the sites and the business information they post. Studies have shown that most IT decision makers express their concerns regarding the security risks associated with the use of social sites by employees. Many cases of employees who download software not connected to work to corporate computers have been recorded. It is crucial for organizations to develop procedures that can monitor emerging technologies and evaluate their risks and opportunities. IT risks management programs may be introduced to assist in such efforts.

Issue 3: IT Governance

The third IT-related issue that organizations face is IT governance. It entails the organizational and leadership structures that ensure IT applications meet the set objectives. It encompasses audit committees and directors with the support of line and senior organizational management. Organizations face challenges in that they lack effective activities of IT governance. In addition, the audit committees and boards of directors also lack enough knowledge on issues of IT governance. Activities related to IT governance are important in enhancing the use of IT to support the goals and objectives of an organization. It has the ability to transform the supportive role of IT into a tool for enabling the creation of new services and strategies.

Issue 4: Consumer Privacy Issues

The fourth IT-related issue that is affects organizations is consumer privacy issues. Due to the fact that people nowadays live in a data age, organizations generate and use a lot of information on a daily basis. The manipulation and storage of this information is further facilitated by technological developments. However, despite the importance of these developments in gathering and analyzing customer information, organizations face many privacy issues that put business relationships at risk.

They ask questions with regard to the information that can be collected, its storage mechanisms and use. On the other hand, the customers have questions concerning what organizations collect and where it is applied. Consumer privacy is a sensitive issue to many organizations with regard to the information that is collected from the consumers and how it is used. Information gathering may also raise concerns regarding the reputation of organizations in this data age (Data protection and consumer privacy – the issue, n.d)

Issue 5: IT Resources and Skills

The fifth IT related issue that organizations face is IT resources and skills. There has been a decline in the availability of IT skills in many organizations. One of the factors that have contributed towards this decline is economic recession. Most organizations require skilled IT workers regardless of whether they process in large or small platforms. This is because there are many issues such as business solutions and design that require the services of experts in IT. It is important to have IT professionals who can integrate technology and business matters. This ensures that the organization achieves proper communication of technology issues to support the organizational needs.


It is important for business organizations to embrace the use of technology in business operations. With the current trends, it is virtually impossible for any organization to operate without technology. However, there are various IT related issues that must be identified and addressed fully. This is because unless they are addressed, they might lead to poor performance. Some other issues may cost organizations huge amounts of money if they are not addressed.

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