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What can Managers do to Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility?

Identify a Current Problem

The modern problem managers should solve in corporate social responsibility is the neglect of societies by the business organizations. Business firms are causing more harm to the people around them because they are not giving back to the communities but making them suffer from pollution and environmental degradation from their operations. This needs responsibility from the companies and ensure their operations are eco-friendly to the neighborhood. Waste products are being released to the environment each day causing more dangers to the people. In this presentation, this problem will be analyzed in-depth, the causes and a potential solution with strengths and weaknesses.

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Areas that have been Neglected

Many business companies do not have good strategies and programs for managing their waste products after operations. They opt to dump within the surrounding rivers, lakes, and available open spaces. The wastes are not treated before release posing a considerable health risk to the people who live in the surrounding environments. The presence of pathogens and toxic waste pollutants in the environment causes illness since it covers various materials from the by-products. Some business transport their waste products and dispose them in different locations which risk lives of people and animals in that region (Deng and Xu, 2015).

Why it is a Concern

Society neglect entails the lack of business accountability from organizations operating in the area. This is a concern because waste from the firms continues to pollute the environment. (Lim and Pope, 2021) Environmental pollution is a major challenge in the 21st century and require everyone to be accountable for their activities towards protecting the planet. A large amount of damage has occurred on the earth’s surface due to negligence. Continued lack of accountability by firms allows them to support and bypass environmental laws dragging back the fight towards protecting the environment. This issue is a significant concern since society is directly impacted by the firm’s operations not following rules and restrictions.

Impact of Pollution as caused by Business Damage

When business entities are not concerned about the effect of their operation to the community and are only focused on the activities that yield more profits for the company. This is against the ethical code of business and the CSR (Shabbir and Wisdom, 2020). Instead of giving back to society, business organizations are in the frontline in polluting and dumping the environment, which has adverse changes in the atmospheric composition. The planet has been destroyed by firms that don’t care about the ethical consideration of their operations towards the surrounding human beings. Many business organization are dumping waste and engaging in activities that risk the environment These activities have disrupted the ecosystem with some animal species getting extinct . This problem requires immediate response from business organizations and their commitment to enhancing corporate social responsibility.

According to the United Nations, cities are the major contributors to climate change because they consume 78 percent of the world’s energy and produce more than 60 percent of greenhouse emissions(Nations, 2020)

Gas emissions from a manufacturing complex in Toronto, Canada.

The image shows gas emissions from a manufacturing complex in Toronto, Canada. These activities and the release of by-products to the environment cause airborne diseases, putting human health and development at risk. Most of the emissions are not treated because not all companies can afford treatment plans before releasing waste into the environment.

Business firm’s Waste Products

Business organizations dispose of different waste products during the manufacturing and production of goods. Solid wastes are in the form of metal waste, while the liquid is produced in juice. There is a big concern about how business firms direct liquid waste into rivers that the community depends on for household use. The organic type of waste is the ones from the consumption of food and fruits. Their remains need to be well managed since they are a nuisance to the environment. Though they can be used as manure after decomposing, they need to be disposed of appropriately. Hazardous waste is the highly toxic and corrosive metals that are harmful to humans. Some business is releasing these products and not correctly managing the by-products. This is a danger to society.

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Effects of Pollution to the Society

The damage experienced from pollution because of organizations’ effect on the environment is massive. Firms have dumped nearly all the rivers killing several aquatic lives. These are suffering due to businesses not being willing to comply with the law and be accountable for their deeds. They end up causing more suffering to the community a result of degradation. There is nothing positive that can be attributed to business neglecting society as it cause more suffering from fighting for more market and profits at the expense of their lives. The communities that neighbor these companies are experiencing extreme temperatures because of changes in the atmosphere. In addition, there is a high prevalence of diseases due to extremes temperatures and reduction in quality air, water, and land.

The Causes of this Problem

The cause of this problem is that business firms are so focused on making more profits at the expense of the environment and society. They do not care about the effects and impact they create, either direct or indirect to society. Companies and their operations are aimed at maximizing their profits and ensuring fewer expenses for the good of the organization. Another major cause is that organizations have neglected social responsibility because of corrupt and lazy individuals heading the firms. In most countries, there are strict rules and regulations for waste disposal and management programs that cost the firm an extra amount which is not the plena for many firms; hence they end up dumping to the environment.

How to Curb this Problem

Business entities should not neglect the communities they operate in. There is a need for firms to adopt business ethics. The code clearly outlines the firm’s conduct regarding the environment, diversity as well as interactions. Ensuring the workplace is safe and diversified is the first step towards social responsibility for any organization. This is essential in keeping a safe environment that their employees can thrive. Being socially responsible comes with goals that can be measured by the impact they bring to the people. They help keep the firm accountable to themselves and the stakeholders Firms should align their operation with the community’s goals and commit to protecting the environment by engaging in green operations.

These business organizations can organize events and generate some amount to help in daily community works and the needy individuals. Such programs will help in mobilizing the community towards a friendly existing between the people and the company. The business entity should select days for engaging in activities that assisting conserving the environment, such as planting trees and cleaning the environment. The management team should develop policies and strategies to prevent further pollution and take care of the planet.

A possible Solution to this Problem

A great solution to this problem will be to set aside programs for generating funds and resources to advance and improve the lives of the communities they operate. These funds help fund movements such as those aimed at planting more trees and cleaning the environment while setting policies towards achieving a pollution from earth. Creating this program will help them understand the community better since they will have more information and improve their lives. Specie kits to the society attract excellent partnership between the people and the business firms and the community will feel appreciate and identify themselves with the operations of the company. Companies can help the society, which gets to trust and adapt their products and services because of the transparency in the business’s operations showed by helping the people. This can be used to measure the corporate social responsibility program of the firm.

The Strengths of this Solution

A key strength of this solution is that there will be a pool of resources gathered by the company to advance the people’s warfare. When there is a stream of resources, great things are bound to happen. Major milestones can be easily achieved through combined resources. Society will identify and develop a feeling of ownership of the business since they are part of the kitty meant to better their lives. More people will be willing to participate and contribute, given they will not be exploited, bringing more business for the company and new market to use. This will earn more profits for the firm a sense of belonging with the culture of the society.

Due to the number of people participating in the program, it is easier to mobilize different stakeholders to partner and push agenda that aims to protect the environment. There is minimal cost required because the amount is shared across different parties. this makes it cheap to support financially events that are aimed at creating awareness to the public on the dangers of pollution and environmental degradation (Del Rio Amador and Lovejoy, 2019).

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Weakness of the solution

The weakness of this solution to the discussed social responsibility problem of neglecting the society by the business organization is that some people may be reluctant to participate and participate. This means the firm will not have the opportunity to exploit such segments of clients. This solution requires the money and time invested in deciding where to set the kitty, collate the resources, and how and who will benefit first from the resources. The modern world is full of corrupt individuals and leaders who are lust for community property. Therefore, there is the possibility of the collected resources being misappropriated and allocated to the wrong people.


In conclusion, according to (Lim and Pope, 2021)it is essential to ensure corporate social responsibility among business organizations. This is because it helps in solving the current situation like the neglect of society and protecting environment through planting trees. Business firms become accountable even in tough times of pandemic and are bound to maintain even for future. Environment protection is observed, and police adopted that are meant to ensure clean and protected natural resources. People in society are taken care of, and the organization’s employees work in a safe environment and are morally treated as human beings. Through CSR, there is reduced harmful waste on the surface of the earth. This is because each business entity will take care of their waste by disposing of it properly. This will attract more customers because of clear terms of operation in place.


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