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Why Bernie Sanders Should Be President?

Bernie Sanders is an American politician and a candidate for the Democratic nomination who wants to run for the President of the United States in the forthcoming election. Sanders has performed well in the Democratic presidential debate largely because of his plans for the transformation of America. However, he has been sidelined by many media outlets compared to other leading presidential hopefuls, including Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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This alienation is proof of the media’s influence and political sensationalism in American politics. All odds are against him because, in addition to receiving little media coverage, Sanders campaign budget is insignificant compared to those of Clinton and Trump. Despite these disadvantages, I believe that he is highly qualified to take the position of the President of the United States. Sanders should be the next president because he has the most intelligent and appealing foreign policy plan, he has an unequivocal health care plan, and his economic plan focuses on poverty eradication and expansion of the middle class.

A thorough analysis of the manifestos of all presidential candidates reveals that Sanders has the most intelligent and appealing foreign policy (Tariq, 2015). Clinton served four years as President Obama’s Foreign Secretary. During her tenure, the administration’s foreign policy was vague and undecided. Sanders advocates for improved relations with China and for the termination of trade initiatives such as NAFTA and CAFTA that have caused bilateral rifts between China and Russia (Tariq, 2015).

In addition, these initiatives have been criticized and opposed in developing countries where they are viewed as strategies used by developed nations to fix the global economic field to favor themselves (Tariq, 2015). He is also keen on improving relations with Iran and honoring the terms of the Iran nuclear deal that the Obama administration has failed to do. Sanders believes that the US should not shoulder the burden of fighting terrorism alone because it is very costly. His plan is to join international anti-terrorism coalitions and work together with other countries (Tariq, 2015). International collaboration is the most effective way to defeat terrorist outfits such as ISIS.

Sanders should be the president because he has a clear health care plan that considers health as a human right and not a privilege. He believes that every American citizen should be able to access health care regardless of their race, economic status, or gender. His plan includes the creation of a Medicare-for-all health care system (Tariq, 2015). The model proposed by Sanders has been shown to produce positive results in countries where it is practiced.

A single-payer system is based on the argument that greater scrutiny of medication, hospital, and technology costs will be conducted, and as a result, lead to improved efficiency of the system (Tariq, 2015). Sanders wants to eradicate the widespread reliance on health insurance, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies by people looking for health care services. It is difficult for these companies to provide quality care because their main focus is making profits and not improving people’s health.

Finally, the plan proposed by Sanders will ensure that doctors are in charge of patients and not insurance companies. His most popular policy is to have the government cover health care expenses instead of private insurers (Tariq, 2015). Under Sander’s plan, health insurance and employment will be separate entities. This will make Americans happier, and it will enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in various economic sectors.

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Finally, Sanders deserves to be president because his economic plan focuses on eradicating poverty and expanding the middle class. An important proposal in his economic plan is to improve infrastructure that is currently in a very bad state (Hickey, 2016). He believes that rebuilding roads, water systems, ports, and railways will not only improve the transportation system but also create innumerable jobs. He also plans to raise the minimum wage in order to fight poverty and expand the middle class (Hickey, 2016).

Sanders believes that providing tax breaks to small businesses and creating a single-payer health care system will make the implementation of this proposal successful. He also plans to give unions more bargaining power, especially in matters dealing with employee wages and benefits (Hickey, 2016). The implementation of this proposal will prevent sudden pay cuts and lay-offs that contribute to the high rate of unemployment being experienced currently.

Sanders also wants to reform the tax code by basing it on the ability of individuals to pay and eliminating loopholes used by wealthy individuals to pay lower taxes and by corporations to outsource jobs from foreign countries (Hickey, 2016). He believes that the most effective way to curb unemployment in the US is to stop corporations from giving jobs to foreigners because they offer cheap labor.

In conclusion, Bernie Sanders should be the next US president because he has an intelligent foreign policy plan, a great health care plan, and an economic plan that will benefit the majority of Americans. He has been sidelined by mainstream media since the beginning of the campaigns. However, this has not deterred him from publicizing his plan for the US. If Sanders wins the presidency, his economic, health care and foreign policy plans will transform the US tremendously.


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