Why Steve Jobs’ Apple Inspires People?

There is a man who I really admire, and he inspires me a lot. He is Steve Jobs, a successful American businessperson born in 1955. He co-founded the Apple Computer Corporation together with Steve Wozniak, and he is the Chief Executive Officer. Before he attained the age of thirty, he was already a multimillionaire. His innovations have led to a revolution in the computer industry in both software and hardware.

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At the young age of twenty on together with Wozniak designed their first computer called Apple. The Apple – a personal computer- changed the way people viewed computers. At first, computers were bulky and only used by the government and big businesses. Since that time, Jobs and his company have been working towards making the computer user friendly and customized to meet personal needs and taste (Brashares 8).

Apple has introduced some remarkable products in the market. For example, Jobs announced the introduction of PowerBook G3 – Macintosh laptops, which were the first to use PowerPC G3 microprocessors. In the same year, iMac was introduced.

The iMac is Macintosh desktops that have a slim design and come in a range of colors. Apple has many other products since then such as iBook-laptops, AirPort- product for local area wireless networking, Mac OS X- operating systems, iPod- a media player that is portable, Xcode-tools for software development, Mac Mini- a small desktop, iPod Nano- a media player, iMac desktops with higher speed than iMac G5, Mac Book Pro- portable computers, Apple TV- digital media receiver, iPhone- internet-enabled smartphones, Mac Book Air- thin laptops, iPod touch- media player that has Wi-Fi, iPod shuffle- digital media player that uses flash memory, the latest product to join the Apple family is the iPad- tablet computer.

The above electronic products have been well received by consumers throughout the world, and this success can be attributed to Jobs’ innovation and willingness to think outside the box in terms of electronics. Jobs is an inspiration to many people because he started from a humble beginning. He was orphaned early in life and brought up by adopted parents. This setback in life did not stop him from becoming what he has become today.

Together with his friend Wozniak, they sold their possessions to raise money to start their company. With the money raised, they opened their production line, and that paves the way for the Apple we know today. Jobs made wise decisions in his company by bringing in people with knowledge in marketing to enable Apple to compete with its rivals, and today we can say that Apple has done a good job and is able to compete with a company like IBM (Angelli 1).

I use some of Apple products such as the iPhone and Apple laptops, and I love the design as well as the user-friendly interfaces that Apple incorporates in its products. This has made royal to Apple brands, and this means that whenever I have an electronic need that Apple can meet, I will always pick the Apple.

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Steve Jobs is not the typical success story candidate, having dropped out of college and did drugs. In spite of his background, he went on to revolutionize the way we look at computers. His introduction of Macintosh made computers user-friendly and to date he is still working hard to come up with products that are functional as well as stylish. His story is inspiring because it shows that where one comes from is not important like where one is going. People who come from a poor background or even those without degrees from the likes of Harvard and Yale can use their God –given abilities and invent products that can change the world just as Steve Jobs has done.


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