Windshield Survey in Winchester: Health Resources

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The relevant Windshield Survey has been conducted in Winchester. The city is situated in the north of Virginia State. According to the official figures, the population of Winchester makes 26,330 inhabitants most of which are English speaking people (Winchester, VA Demographics, 2013). The data collected in the survey allowed one to make a series of assumptions regarding the local community and its general environment.

Geographical Description


One might notice both natural and physical boundaries in Winchester. The natural boundaries are represented by the Allegheny Mountains that surround the city. The physical boundaries include several highways that help people enter the city from different directions. The biggest road is Highway 81 that leads to Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Meanwhile, it is impossible to define particular boundaries that would signify the city’s frontier. The economic boundaries are not distinct; however, the city center represents a more developed and modern area. The buildings in this district are mainly office and business centers though one might notice several large apartment buildings as well. On the whole, the center and the rural areas are considerably different from the point of view of architecture and development.

Housing and Zoning

Although it is hard to define accurately the age of the city buildings, one might claim that there is a huge gap between the housing ages in different areas. Thus, the central part of Winchester is mostly built up with the new modern centers with glass exteriors. Meanwhile, some of the apartment buildings presumably date back to the end of the twentieth century and are represented by brick or stone constructions. There is also a series of areas that are lined with detached and semi-detached houses with plastic exteriors. One should necessarily note that the number of buildings that are unfit for habitation is very small.

Sign of Decay

Some of the urban areas make an impression of being abandoned due to the old buildings and vast empty spaces. However, the major part of the city does not have any signs of decay. There is little litter on the streets, and the only notable business closing is the Capitol Record’s East Coast Pressing Plant.

Health Resources

Type of Services Available

The principal health service available in the city is the Winchester Medical Center that represents a large modern hospital. There is also a 24/7 Valley Health Urgent Care center and a lot of non-governmental services of some narrower specialties such as dentist’s clinics and health screening centers. The locals can also receive medical assistance in the Winchester Family Health Center that provides help for children, adolescents and adults.

Pharmacy, Health Promotion, Mental Health

Every area of Winchester has one or several pharmacies, some of the central parts of the city show the exceeding number of the former. The most typical pharmacies in Winchester are Rotz Pharmacy, The Wellness Pharmacy, and CVS Pharmacy.

The principal health promotion service is represented by Virginia Department of Heath situated outside Winchester. As to the mental health services, one might receive assistance either in the state Winchester Community Mental Health Center or the private Family Preservation Services. The first center is a large health care complex, whereas the latter is a medium clinic. One might also find the Valley Health Neurovascular Institute although it seems to be closed for an indefinite term.

School and Occupational Health Services

Valley Health Occupational Service situated in the city center suggests one might receive the help of occupational therapists there. Nevertheless, the working hours of the service are unclear. The center is closed regardless of the fact that the working hours indicated in its sign suppose it should be open. No other school or occupational health services can be found within the city.

Official and Voluntary Services

One might notice a small Volunteer Action Center in Winchester. The billboard near the center suggests that they are a newly founded establishment and provide assistance in coordinating local volunteers.

Some advertisements in the city also say there are other volunteer opportunities not far from Winchester. Thus, there is a large cancer assistance society, Relay for Life of Clarke County, within 10 miles from the city.

Self-Help and Support Groups

One might notice a large number of various support groups or their advertising. Among the most typical establishments, one should point out the groups of the psychological character. Most of the support centers are situated in urban areas. It is necessary to add that the city seems to lack a state multi-profile support establishment.

Service Organizations, Faith-Based Programs

The only faith-based organization one managed to notice within the city is a small non-profit community Faithworks in the Boscawen Street. Although, according to the advertisements in Winchester, one might find a lot of communities of this type not far from the city – most of them are situated approximately 10-20 miles away.


The city is full of various stores such as groceries, retails and others that are present both in central and rural areas. One needs to note that there is an abundance of healthy-focused shops and retails such as Vitamin Shoppe, Naturally Yours, and Vitamins Plus. Most of the stores are situated near bus stops so that they are easy to reach. Some big retails provide free corporate buses for its customers.


After the city’s examination, one might suggest that there is an equal number of cars and pedestrians in Winchester. The public transport system seems to be rather developed – the busses are modern, the bus stops can be found every 500 meters. One should also note that the number of taxis seems to be exceeding. The abundance of taxis creates problems with the city traffic. Moreover, despite the well-equipped tracks for bicyclists, few people use this kind of transport.

Citizen Safety and Protective Services

Police and Fire

One managed to notice one large police station not far from the city center and a small fire department in one of the rural areas. Meanwhile, according to the locals, the number of the relevant services is sufficient in Winchester.

Shelters for Victims of Abuse

Winchester has no shelters for victims of abuse. The only center of the relevant character that is situated in the residential neighborhood is currently closed.


Winchester also has a large Child Protective Service that offers help for children who became victims of abuse or neglect. The center looks well-equipped and modern; it has several departments around the city.

Services Provided by Senior Citizens/Senior Centers

Parks and Recreational Areas

One can note numerous parks around the city. Practically every part of Winchester has its own recreational area. Among the biggest parks, one should point out Shenandoah Memorial Park and Frederick County Parks. One should also note that the parks are well kept and look clean and orderly.

Community Welfare Services

The only welfare service one managed to find in the city is Famis Moms that offers medical insurance and other emergency assistance for pregnant women who have no insurance. On the whole, there seems to be the lack of the services of the relevant character in Winchester.

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