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Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

The phrase or term that women’s rights are also human rights was usually a common term among the various feminist movement. The term was first used in the late 1980s or the early 1990s. However, this phrase can also be traced back to the late 1830s, when campaigners and well-known protagonists Sarah Moore Grimke and Angelina Grimke Weld used it to express their feelings. In the various works of Sarah Moore Grimke, it is clear as her arguments that she knew nothing about both men’s and women’s rights; all she knew was human privileges. Nonetheless, its form of prominent usage is just like the name of the speech that the United States delivered by America’s first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on the 5th of September 1995. This happened while she was addressing a large congregation in Beijing. Therefore, this research paper will analyze Hillary Rodham Clinton’s speech “Women Rights Are Human Rights.”

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In September 1995, when Hillary Rodham Clinton decided to approach the podium, she faced an unpredictable and uncertain audience. This was because only a smaller group of people had already read her speech. Nobody knew the type of speech to be delivered during this women’s conference. The term was not new, but her speech’s energy and excitement played a crucial role in elevating the concept to catalyze modern feminism and, most importantly, the international efforts to ensure gender equality and parity. Most individuals advocating for women’s rights have always argued that gender equality should also be considered one of the significant human liberty. However, they were baffled for several years by the individuals claiming that women’s rights were subordinate to their male counterparts.

In this speech by Clinton, she was advocating and fought for gender parity and equality. She was also encouraging all women across various countries globally to be given equal rights, a voice, and acknowledged for everything they contributed to different societies. In the text, it is evident that Clinton used multiple forms of Pathos to capture the audience’s attention up to an emotional level. An illustration of this is the segment where she discussed the issues surrounding the violation of human rights, especially when she said that it was unacceptable and a violation of human rights when the women were doused with gasoline.

Another example is when she said it violated human rights when infants or children were denied food (Blake 107). This was a clear illustration of an effective form of use of Pathos because they were graphic hence making most people cringe at the thought of a child or woman being burned down to death.

In the speech, she was also trying to create awareness and make individuals recognize women’s role in modern society. In addition, she also advocated for equality, peace, and development, something that I agree with or support. Throughout the speech, Clinton used the term “we” to show and portray credibility because she was also a woman who had encountered issues surrounding gender inequality and political challenges. This is because once gender parity and uniformity have been achieved, it leads to violence, especially against women and girls (Van Brown 1). It is also vital for the prosperity of the economy.

The societies that embrace and value females and males are much safer and healthier, making gender equality a human right. Clinton also wanted to act as the crucial voice of the women whose rights were violated due to gender issues. She used various techniques, such as ethos and logos, to attract and persuade her audiences effectively during speech delivery. An illustration of where Clinton effectively used ethos was when she said that the significant challenge she was facing during the conference was to give women a voice when their efforts were not appreciated and recognized. She further noted that ladies comprise almost 70% of the world’s poor, and the majority were not taught the skills of writing and reading.

Furthermore, Clinton also used logos to demonstrate that individuals could learn that if both women and children were treated equally and accepted, they could flourish together with their families. Moreover, if they are permitted to work, they can earn and thrive just like their male counterparts (Van Brown 2). Thus, typically, it is evident she played a crucial role in allowing her audience to think about how treating females equally and in an acceptable manner can better and contribute significantly towards building the overall well-being of the nation.

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In conclusion, it is evident that women across the globe deserve a voice, and equal human rights, and they should be appreciated, and their contributions to society acknowledged. This will, in return, play a key role in ensuring the prosperity of the communities and the countries involved as a whole. However, on the other hand, there are several negative consequences when there is a gender imbalance in society. Inequality may result in exposure to violence, discrimination, and socioeconomic disparity, which will bring depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem amongst females in the community.

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