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Organizational Requirements for a Dynamic Work Environment


In a competitive and rapidly dynamic corporate world, it is important for an individual to diversify their areas of knowledge to become successful. Through experience and vacation jobs, I learnt that the business environment is ever changing. Therefore, organizations require an intellectual person who can quickly adjust to the dynamic working environment. My studies in Business finance at the California State University of Fullerton enabled me to see the crucial role careful management of human resources plays in the success of an organization. I apply for a Masters’ degree in Human Resources at Westminster University because of its reputable faculty and international recognition, my desire to learn, my high sense of responsibility, my devotion to excel, my desire to improve interpersonal skills, and my career path.

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Desire to Learn

I have a burning desire to continue my learning curve because I believe that knowledge is power. However, in one’s quest for knowledge, it is important to study disciplines that are related. Human resource management is the most important department in today’s business environment. Multiculturalism and cross-cultural management have become a necessity for personnel managers due to the external pressure of globalization. Lack of proper people management might result to poor performance of a business organization, which makes it difficult to make financial projections for the company. The understanding of human resources and how they can be efficiently utilized enables the human resource managers to work effectively with other departments. I have a desire to increase my knowledge on the dynamics of integrating the financial and human resource department. A highly motivated workforce increases productivity and profit for the business.

Sense of Responsibility

I am a responsible individual who believes in dutifulness as a key trait that defines any successful employee or businessperson. At every department of a company, there has to be responsible persons to ensure that the expected routine is followed. Being that I previously had vacation jobs, the responsibility that I carried in my daily tasks was enormous. Working as an assistant financial planner, I managed to use financial management techniques to determine Earnings Per Share, Share values, loan amounts on mortgages, and Dividends Per Share. I have also worked as a customer service attendant, which enabled me to realize that human resources play a vital role in the corporate image of an organization. Responsible workers and leaders help to steer any organization or company ahead in terms of success and reputation. Being a responsible individual enabled me to study the loopholes in human resource management processes. I became more interested in performance appraisals and reward management strategies, which is why I apply for this course. I want to improve my people management skills because I am a responsible individual who believes that teamwork brings the objectives of a company to fruition.

Devotion to Excel

I am an individual who is not only devoted to the work I do, but also towards self-improvement. Complacency impedes continuous learning, which is why I avoid it. I strive to position myself in challenging situations that keep me on my toes throughout my life. I am hardworking, professional, and a devoted graduate who wants to pursue a career in human resource management. The decision to apply for a Masters’ degree at Westminster University in the United Kingdom presents a fresh challenge that is nothing compared to what I have experienced in the United States. The idea of a different culture, different people, different currency, and a different education system is one that I cannot resist. The faculty, resources, experience, alumni, and culture of Westminster University is something that few tertiary institutions can boast of possessing. I want to be part of that culture and to be part of the elite alumni who have excelled through Westminster’s Human Resource MA Program.

Interpersonal Skills

I have good communication and people skills. However, one can never have enough interpersonal skills in a multicultural environment. I understand that interacting with people without establishing a sense of oneness could be detrimental to their management. My experience as an intern enabled me to work with customers, fellow employees, and potential customers to try to get new contracts, solidify relationships, and achieve mutually beneficial objectives. As a customer service attendant, I managed to establish a long list of valuable potential customer contacts, most of who remained loyal to the company. Despite my quality of good communication skills, I want to be a better leader and personnel manager. Studying in London will give me an experience unlike any other. An MA in human resource management will empower me to work efficiently with subordinates and superiors in my future places of work.

Career Path

After completing my BA in Finance, I realized that Human Resource Management is where my future lies. The world is growing, the cultures are merging and my home country (Vietnam) could benefit from my education in the developed countries. Vietnam’s corporate culture is improving, which means that my career path cannot be limited to finance. I have a keen eye for detail, which is very important when managing a company’s workforce. I want to work for the government as a financial planner or analyst. However, Vietnam needs effective people management because of the population and that is what I want to offer after my studies.

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